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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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5 Ways to Improve Business Performance With Salesforce


Did you know that more than 20% of newly opened businesses shut down during the first two years? This may be due to many reasons from under-resourcing to the stiffness of a business plan. But low business performance is often the main crux. 

In the eCommerce world, it is important to be on the same page with customers. You have to do everything possible to meet the needs and expectations of your buyers. 

After all, doing business is like sailing against the current. Either you pull your oars or the watercourse will throw your boat out. 

Salesforce is a CRM platform for companies apart from its purposes and sizes. This cloud-based CRM identifies the customers’ needs and immediately responds to them. The platform streamlines processes and improves business performance. 

How can Salesforce help boost your business performance?

Salesforce is one of the most ambitious platforms in the SaaS market. CRM has gained credence among big companies. Lancome, Adidas, American Express use the CRM to improve their sales performance. No wonder! 

The companies implemented the software have already felt the advantages. They have seen a 32% increase in lead conversion and a 27% increase in revenue. Amazing!

We would like to fix you up with 5 effective ways of using this CRM to boost your company performance.

1. Improved customer visibility

When it comes to providing a personalized approach, quick access to data is vital. Accounts, contacts, important events, and other information should be at your fingertips. What does the personalized approach mean to your business? Treat your clients as if they were your one and only and they’ll appreciate it. As a result, the customers will return to your site for further purchasing. Besides, they will recommend your store to their friends. 

How can Salesforce help? 

For instance, Workflow rule email alerts help your sales reps. never forget about important events. The tool can send discounts for your customers’ birthdays and more. This allows companies to re-engage those who have bought something from their site. Besides, better customer understanding, the better you can predict their future steps. The use of the platform increases forecast accuracy by 42%. 

2. Sales Automation

Finding a lead is a headache problem. Guiding them through the sales pipeline toward full engagement is even harder. With its toolkit, Salesforce allows your team to check where leads are in the pipeline. 

Lead Management is another tool this platform has. You can use it to route leads to the right persons. With this, you can be sure that nothing will fall through the cracks. 

Sales automation is a big deal when it comes to business productivity. With Salesforce, you can close deals faster by reducing manual operations. Your team can use saved time to focus on essential tasks. For example, expanding the reach and building long-term relationships. 

With Sync and Share, you can synchronize all files within many departments. This feature helps to share and work with them in a team.

3. Marketing Automation

Salesforce offers a tool for promoting products via various channels. The tool can help you boost marketing processes within the company. Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes a wide range of useful features: 

  1. Salesforce DMP is a data management platform. It helps to build a detailed customer profile. The tool gets information both from internal databases and external sources.
  2. Mobile Studio, a marketing tool providing a personalized approach to mobile users. The software uses geolocation to reach mobile prospects with real-time messages. Let’s assume that a prospect is approaching your business location. The software immediately sends them a push-notification. This will help to capture a new lead. 
  3. Advertising Studio, a marketing solution that helps in creating customized, targeted marketing campaigns. The software can send emails ipso facto to the right persons. 
  4. Pardot is one of the leading marketing tools provided by Salesforce. It enables companies to measure the effectiveness of customer interactions. Also, it performs a deep analysis of customer behavior. 

4. Advanced Customer Service

In the competitive world, it is vital to be responsive to customers’ complaints. Whether you have a support department or you are planning to create one, your customer is a king. Your task is to provide the clients with the utmost experience. Salesforce Service Cloud, a customer management platform does this job very well. 

With this platform you can:

  • Organize route cases and case management.
  • Log data and form reports.
  • Give quick responses to the clients’ issues and inquiries.
  • Provide personalized attention to each customer.
  • Reduce manual work and save time by automating different actions.
  • Streamline the processes of the customer support department.

5. Improved Analytics

With data growing, it becomes difficult to analyze it by hand. Building effective analytics is one of the main tasks for companies. 

This platform offers an innovative tool based on artificial intelligence – Einstein Analytics. It provides data analysts, marketers, and sales reps. with everything they need to measure the effectiveness of interactions. The abilities of the Einstein algorithm are ample. 

This feature is able to:

  • Collect data from all sources both internal and external.
  • Analyze all sorts of combinations.
  • Provide recommendations for better interactions.
  • Make accurate forecasts. 

Salesforce’s analytics allow companies to overcome difficulties and make decisions faster. As a result, the business starts to perform better.  

The Bottomline

Salesforce is a robust sales driver that provides great opportunities for business growth. This platform has already helped more than 150,000 companies improve customer retention. But the CRM is not another easy-to-use solution with a drag-and-drop mentality. Using the platform is not the easiest task. So if you don’t think you can tackle it alone, be sure to hit up a professional Salesforce support team.

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