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Anti-Aging Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!!!


Who doesn’t want to look young and beautiful forever? Well, we all want to! Don’t we? That’s probably why you are actually reading an anti-aging life hacks guide anyways.

Though it is rightly said ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ still external beauty is considered by many as the criteria to judge someone especially, A WOMAN. Sad, isn’t it?

Also, to look and feel beautiful women buy a variety of local and high-end beauty products, undergo different dermatological treatments and try various natural or not so effective hacks. Which do have positive results, no doubt, but for how long? Eventually, with some time, the results go in vain.

Who says to look young and beautiful we need to buy expensive products or go through treatments and procedures that require an arm and a leg? What if I tell you that there are so many natural hacks out there which are easy on the pocket and also beneficial to our health in a number of ways? Sounds good, right?

Although, first and foremost, each and every individual on this planet should get this in their mind that EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL IN THEIR OWN UNIQUE WAY! After all, God doesn’t make mistakes. It’s us who need to embrace our imperfections to feel our true beauty. Yes, that’s the beauty of our mind – extremely important to comprehend.

Along with this, as we age it is highly important that we start looking after ourselves to prevent our skin from sagging and getting wrinkles.

Here are few natural and easy on pocket hacks which are beneficial in the long run both for our mind and body.

1. Make Water Your Best-Friend-Forever!!!

Trust me this is one amazing hack which made my life easier. As a 25-year-old girl, I hardly used to drink water. Maybe a maximum of 2 glasses per day was enough for me. Until now, when I started having at least 2L per day. I could actually feel my skin glowing and healthy. Water for sure plays a vital role in delaying the aging process. It helps flush toxins from our body, restores elasticity and hydrates our skin on a cellular level. The result? YOUNGER LOOKING GLOWING SKIN!!

2. Eat Blueberries Daily

Blueberries are a rich source of Antioxidants (disease-fighting agents) and Vitamin C, which helps in collagen production. With increasing age, collagen production decreases leading to reduced elasticity. Blueberries and other colorful foods not just help in gaining back our skin elasticity but also help in getting rid of toxins produced in the body. Also, improves our cardiovascular health. So have blueberries in the form of either a smoothie, frozen in yogurt or just a handful of them. – It’s completely your choice!

3. Go Stress-Free!!!

Taking stress and thinking about something too much can result in you getting wrinkles!! Yes, you heard that right. Anxiety and stress speed up the aging process. Not just that, it also leads to life-threatening diseases. Would you want that? Nobody would obviously.

Hence, try to have a more positive outlook towards life. Reduce stress by socializing more, going for a walk outside in some park or just a small get together with friends every 2 weeks. Don’t have friends to have fun? Buy a pet, maybe? Yoga helps a lot as well. Try doing yoga, deep breathing exercises or just meditate. Sleep more and just before you sleep take a hot bath. It will help you sleep more peacefully. Do try and share the results.

The above-mentioned tips will not just lead to greater emotional, physical and mental health but will also give you healthy and glowing skin. Most importantly, PEACE OF MIND!!!

4. Exercise Is One of the Best Anti-Aging Life Hacks!!!

Daily walking of at least 30 minutes can improve the quality of your life. Also,  it will prevent any chance of you getting a major physical disability which is found in people having a sedentary lifestyle. A little bit of exercise or weight lifting helps tighten our skin and strengthens our bones. In short, preventing us from premature aging.

5. Avoid Junk As Much As You Can!!!

Processed foods are a major source of sugar and trans-fat (which is basically bad fat). Rather we should be eating healthy fat. Found in fish, walnuts, coconut oil, olive oil, chia or flax seeds, etc. They contain Omega-3 essential fatty acid which is needed for a more radiant and glowing looking skin. Thus, delaying senescence.

6. Last But Not The Least!!

We as women, no doubt, love to slay by doing Make-up. Majority of us can’t even imagine our life without it. However, there are some tips and tricks as to how to do it to look younger. As we all know, loads of unnecessary makeup on skin makes us look older than our actual age.

To combat that, dab a little amount of creamy concealer under your eyes to give you a brightening effect. White eyeliner on the inner lash line might as well do the trick. Try filling your eyebrows to make a little bushy to give you a more youthful look. Get a bronzer two shade darker than your shade and apply along your hairline, bridge of the nose and cheekbones to give you a warm sun-kissed complexion. Sounds simple and natural. Perfect for an everyday look!

Once we apply makeup then definitely we need to remove it as well. Hence, a daily face wash is absolutely necessary to remove dirt and debris. Exfoliation of face and body every 3 days is a must too. Also, for moisturizing pick up creams and serums having Retinol – one ingredient proven to have anti-aging properties.

In addition, to protect your skin from early thin lines and wrinkles around eyes and forehead, try applying sunscreen and wear shades whenever you go out in the sun.

The few above mentioned anti-aging life hacks will for sure benefit you in the long run and will lead to a happy, healthy and stress-free life. Would you like to add anything to this anti-aging life hacks guide? Share your useful feedback in the comments section below.

Dr. Zohra Nini
the authorDr. Zohra Nini
Zohra Nini is a doctor by profession and is currently undergoing training. Alongside, she loves to read, write, travel, eat and sleep. She aspires to become a great blogger and share her knowledge with the world. In addition, she dreams of becoming a successful doctor and a role model for many people to follow.

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