Building a Great Customer Service Experience on Your Website

19th August 2019

A high-quality website should have a multi-functional design that attracts potential customers. However, nothing is more frustrating than to land on a site that’s difficult to navigate. Websites should be intuitive; less complicated and should showcase a five-star customer service. Businesses these days are so focused on making high-end sites that are integrated with many features that they have forgotten the importance of maintaining a user-friendly platform. According to research by American Express, more than 60% of consumers are ready to spend more money on businesses that provide excellent customer service.

One company that considered customer service above all other aspects is none other than Zappos. If you don’t believe me, try any one of their customer support channels, or simply visit their website to experience a well-built, easy-to-use and beautiful site.

Do you want to follow Zappos’s footsteps? If yes, here are essential tips that’ll enhance your website’s UX (user experience) to make your target audience stay longer on your site, leading to a rise in your ROI.

Make it Fast

The world is racing, and no one has enough time to wait for a response or a page to load. The first thing every business owner should do is speed up their website. You have to make sure the servers are fast and can handle the load of high traffic, or HD images that you must have published. For every one second delay in page response, you can experience a fall in conversions up to 7%.

In addition, to speed up your customer service experience, you have to come up with faster responses for customer quires. E.g., live chats are a good customer support method, but if its winter and Christmas is just around the corner, you can’t expect to attend all your online customers through live chats. These people will eventually have to wait in a queue for their turn. To enhance the UX on your website, you could take help from AI technology. Which means, a chatbot can entertain many more customers than actual humans in the same span of time. 35% of customers are expecting more companies to start using chatbot technology.

Keep It Simple

If consumers aren’t able to find what they are looking for, you’ll eventually see a rise in your bounce rate. The problem with many sites these days is that they are too complicated. No matter which channel the customer uses to land on your website, a navigation bar should always be in sight.

Adding too much to your website also slows down the development phase. In addition, it also becomes more complicated for developers to make changes instantly. By maintaining a clean interface, you can encourage the customer to surf your website and use all the essential tools that you provide.

You should also include a search feature on the top of your web pages. This feature will speed up the buying process as customers will find what they came to buy within minutes. In addition, your call-to-action buttons also play a significant role in guiding customers. An attractive and colorful CTA button always has more chances of being clicked on.

Inform Your Customers That Their Data is Safe

Inform Your Customers That Their Data is Safe

Many users hesitate in providing personal information like name, number, email id, etc. The primary reasons are that they are afraid that either you’ll use this data for all the wrong purposes, or your site may get hacked with all the info being leaked. To start off, an SSL certificate can increase consumer trust in your business. This protocol displays a secured sign beside your URL, signaling to the world that this website it 100% secured.

Launch a Mobile App to Connect With Customers

According to American Express, 71% of users prefer having mobile apps to communicate with the representatives of a business. Wondering why? It’s quite simple actually! Mobile apps are faster and more accessible in nature. In addition, the total number of global smartphone users is expected to reach up to 2.5 billion. This stat clearly indicates that individuals are expecting everything to be on their smartphones.

Optimize Your Website

Years back, we could only use the internet on a computer. However, thanks to technological development, you can use the internet on various devices that come in different screen sizes. To enhance UX, you need to make sure your website is compatible with all screen sizes. Whether the screen is of a small smartwatch or a 55 inch smart TV, your site should fit in all of them.

Make Your Website Personal

According to eMarketer, 48% marketers have stated that adding personalization to websites increases the revenue by 10%. Personalization not only boosts UX, but it also increases loyalty and referrals to your business. A few companies that have excelled in creating personal environments for users are Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Wondering how they did it?

You can start off by merely greeting every user with their name after they log in. You can create a custom page for this procedure. Suggestions or recommended for you type of categories will always make a user happy as they’ll be shown with things related to their records. In 2017, the average rate of users abandoning their carts was 78.65%. You can target this lot by offering exclusive discounts for checking out. Who doesn’t love an extra discount?

In addition, a great way to retain your customers is by launching a loyalty program. With this program, you can give away points to a customer for making purchases and referring your business. Customers can use these points to avail discounts and hence you’ll experience a rise in sales. Personalization does take a lot of work, but the rewards are far greater then what you’ll invest.

Wrap Up

Excellent customer service experience has proved to do wonders for many organizations over the years. If you want your website to be ranked amongst the best with businesses like Pagely, Zappos, and Amazon, then follow our useful tips and build towards providing a better user experience.

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