Sunday, January 17, 2021
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How China is Controlling Information on Social Media?


We see harmful content on social media across the world. Nowadays, governments are scrambling because these governments are not able to deal with harmful content on social media sites. For this reason, some governments have made some laws against harmful content. The United Kingdom has made it mandatory for internet users to verify their age before watching pornography. Singapore has made laws against the people who are spreading fake news on social media sites. Similarly, China has also made some laws to control information on social media sites. Here, we will discuss how China is controlling information on social media sites.

Content Bans:

The Chinese government has made some laws and rules to ban inappropriate content on social media sites and other online means. For this reason, the Cyberspace Administration of China is doing lots of work. It has made some hard and fast rules to regulate chat groups and live streaming on the internet. To stop hate speeches and terrorism on social media sites, they have also created some rules and regulations. China has also made a rule to provide importance to the ruling party. Therefore, China doesn’t allow social media users to share content against the ruling party. The Chinese government keeps an eye on the online content. If they feel that someone is sharing content against their rules and regulations, the Chinese government ban on his social media account.

Great Firewall:

Another essential step that the Chinese government is taking regarding the control of the information on social media is that it is using the Great Firewall. Due to this Great Firewall, the Chinese internet is jokingly known as an intranet. With the help of the Great Firewall, they are running complex internet filtering systems. With the help of these complex internet filtering systems, it is easy for China to block all the websites and social media sites which are against their rules and regulations. Most of the people were getting access to social media sites and other websites by using VPN. Recently, the Chinese government has also taken some strict actions against VPN users and sellers. For this reason, they have also sent some VPN sellers and users to the jail. It means that if you have to use social media sites in China, you will have to follow their rules and regulations.

The Great Cannon:

To save people from malicious websites and social media sites, China has also a strong control apparatus. It means that they can send a massive amount of traffic to these websites and as a result, these websites are crashed. According to reports, they have also attached a strong DDoS system along with the Great Firewall. This is known as great cannon. The main aim of this control group is also to control the online activities of the people. With the help of this system, the Chinese government is handling information on social media sites.

Real Name Registration:

According to research by an assignment writing service, in the social media world, most of the people are spreading fake news by staying anonymous. Its reason is that they sign up on social media accounts with fake names and email addresses. On the other hand, you can’t stay anonymous on social media sites in China. Its reason is that the Chinese government has made a law that everyone should sign up on social media sites with real names and email addresses. Along with social media sites, the Chinese government is also forcing the people to stay anonymous while surfing the internet for other purposes too.

Data Sovereignty:

The most important and successful aspect of the Chinese government on the online activities of the users is that they have full control over the data. According to cybersecurity law in China, all the companies should store the data of the users on the local servers. Its reason is that they can gather that data from the internet serving at any time. Due to this reason, some cases of data breaches are also reported in China. Recently, a case of data breaching is reported. In this report, the data of 364 million of the Chinese social media profiles have been breached.

Human Content Moderators:

As we know that lots of social media sites and apps are available on the internet. It is difficult for internet companies and local governments to moderate human activities on these social media sites and apps. This credit also goes to the Chinese government because the Chinese government has hired human content moderators. They are moderating the activities of social media users in China. The most important thing is that these moderators are working around the clock. If they notice any kind of illegal activity on the social media site, they report it to the local government.

Screen Time Limits For Kids:

Due to lots of advancements in the field of technology, we must keep up-to-date with our children with the latest technology. That’s why we have to allow the children to use social media sites to interact with their teachers and friends. There are some positive as well as some negative impacts of social media sites on the children. One of the most crucial negative impacts of social media sites on the children is that they become an addict of social media sites. This thing lasts lots of negative impacts on their health and social activities. That’s why the Chinese government has limited screen time for the kids. After this time, they are not able to use social media sites.

Threats and Harassment:

The Chinese government has also made some laws against the harassed content on social media sites. In the past, some people had uploaded hate speeches on social media sites. The Chinese government arrested these people due to their illegal activities. Nowadays, they have made a law that no one can uploads threats and hate speeches on social media sites. If someone is violating this law, they take strict actions against him. That’s why the Chinese government has enough control over the information on social media sites.

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