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Five Deadliest Natural Disasters since 1900


Natural disasters aren’t under human control. We can try to reduce the occurrence by keeping the environment healthy, but with growth in industrialization and technology, we are damaging the environment more than ever. Global warming can be blamed for most of the disasters taking place. Many lives and homes get vanished yearly due to these disasters which come in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, and floods. Take a look at the five deadliest natural disasters to take place in the world:

1931 China Floods

1931 China Floods

At the top of the list of the deadliest natural disasters is without any doubt the 1931 China Floods which lasted from July to August. As the Yangtze River overflowed, it caused massive floodings which took lives of more than three million people. They died from drowning, diseases, and starvation. According to National Oceanic, it is estimated that more than 51 million people were affected by the 1931 China Flood.

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

Due to a 9.3 magnitude earthquake which took place in the Indian Ocean on Dec 26, 2004, near the coastal line of Indonesia, a Tsunami hit the coast of several South Asian countries. The 80ft high waves of the Tsunami hit land like a missile and destroyed everything that came in its way. The death toll is estimated to be more than 280,000.

1920 Haiyuan Earthquake

1920 Haiyuan earthquake

Before the China Flood, the largest country in the world was hit by a devastating earthquake also known as 1920 Gansu Earthquake, taking over 270,000 lives. The 8.5 magnitude earthquake hit Haiyuan County situated in the Ningxia province on Dec 16, 1920. This earthquake destroyed many homes and buildings making people homeless and helpless. Due to frequent aftershocks, the citizens were afraid to build anything other than temporary shelters to protect themselves from the severe cold.

1970 Bhola Cyclone

1970 Bhola Cyclone

The deadliest Cyclone to ever hit East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) and India’s West Bengal took place on November 12, 1970. The cyclone flooded much of the low lands, and the death toll was more than 250,000. After the cyclone, the country was flooded which took more valuable lives due to diseases and starvation.

1976 Tangshan Earthquake

1976 Tangshan earthquake

China seems to be nature’s favorite target! On July 28, 1976, another terrible disaster struck China, known as the Tangshan Earthquake. Since Tangshan was an industrial city, it was highly crowded having an estimated population of one million. That’s why the eight magnitude earthquake took over 240,000 human souls with it.

As you can see China has had three of the deadliest disasters to take place. If you start searching, you will surely find many more. It is our duty to keep the environment safe, and these disasters are warnings to us that we aren’t stronger than nature and never will be.

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