Sunday, January 17, 2021

Donald Trump Tweets In Favor of Global Warming Again!


As we plan to bide farewell to January, the weather seems to be making it memorable. On Monday, due to the dangerous weather conditions, 1,000 airlines were either postponed or canceled, to ensure safety. The weather even tipped off the President.

Trump tweeted,

This isn’t the first time, the president joked about global warming. In regards to the low temperatures, Trump had tweeted last year,

The weather prediction service has stated that, soon, Wisconsin and Southeast Minnesota will have snowfall up to a foot. The snowstorm will probably hit Michigan and then head on towards the northeastern states in a single night.

A storm, accompanied both with rain and snow, will cover the Ohio Valley and extend to Mississippi Valley, as stated by the National Weather Service. Additionally, this storm is anticipated to touch Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville.

The winter storm system is connected to the arctic front: hence, leading to an icy outbreak linked to the polar vortex. Such conditions will tag along with bone-chilling weather in the Midwest. 

Furthermore, it is predicted that temperatures can drop down to -30 degrees, feeling like -60 degrees, in an account of the chilly winds.

Extremely dangerous weather will be around for a week; people are highly requested to stay indoors and stay safe.

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