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Don’t Just See It, Live It!

Our life without any kind of entertainment would have been extremely dull. That’s why movies, cartoons, manga, and TV series play such a major role in our everyday schedule. This form of amusement gives us a break from our daily stress. But some people who really adore this field or are die-hard fans of it, want to live in it as opposed to just watching it. They want to travel the locations at which the movie or show was shot or want to visit the production house which brought it into the world.

Travelling to these locations is easy but the accommodation and exploration of the places prove to be really expensive. But what if I tell you that you can easily book a good yet cheap hotel and a car as well for the duration of your visit at extremely reduced rates? Flypark plus is the ideal choice for these bookings and with the park and fly promo code you can get it at depreciated prices. Getting back to those favourite TV shows and movies of yours, let me introduce you to top 5 spectacles which entertained you with their story and the locations they were shot at.

  • The Wall-Iceland (Game of Thrones)

Only dead people haven’t seen this show! This show has portrayed the high fantasy genre perfectly with its amazing cast, life-like battles, and a plethora of amazing locations. Castles in such well-known locations were lost to people till they were used in this show. So grab your passport and visit countries such as the Island of Malta, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Croatia, Spain and Iceland while keeping your eyes peeled for The Wall, Kings Landing, Dragonstone, Meereen and countless other places that got featured in GOT.

  • Disney World (Rapunzel-Tangled)

Cartoons and animated movies have been a staple part of our childhood. With new live-versions or adaptations releasing every year, they are proving to be a part of our adulthood too. So why not visit a place which is filled with themed parks and castles of your favorite characters. Meet and greet princesses while going on rides in their castles. All this can be enjoyed at one destination only which is Orlando in Florida.

  • Anime/Manga (Death Note)

The Japanese culture of anime and light novel has been a major hit all across the world. With the subbed version of remarkable hand-drawn animation, fascination for anime has been spreading like wildfire. With a blend of comedy and out-of-the-box concepts, anime and their book version called manga are becoming personal favourites of kids and adults. As for exploring them, unfortunately, there’s still no piece of technology which sends you to the anime world. But there are over 50 different themed places in Tokyo of your favourite animes. So why not hit there and get your hands on the second-best thing this world has to offer!

  • NASA (Interstellar)

Fans of the Sci-Fi genre or those who have seen the movies Armageddon or Interstellar must have developed a fascination for space and the NASA Center. With the free-gravity room to the launching site of the rocket, fans would have made a resolution to visit it at least once. Now it’s time to fulfil those resolutions and visit any of the NASA centers at different locations across the USA such as Houston, Titusville, Pasadena etc.

  • Gotham (The Dark Knight)

The love for Batman is really close to becoming a full-fledged religion. With the fans done watching all the 7 feature films and reading The New 52 comic, they know how significant a place called Gotham is. But what if I tell you that Gotham is not just a fictional location but was inspired by 2 famous cities which you can visit anytime. Chicago and Newark were the places which inspired the structural make-up of Gotham. So why not travel to the real-life locations instead of imagining it! Book your tickets today and set off!

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