Sunday, January 17, 2021

Four Children in Texas Trapped In a Cage


Local authorities found a bunch of children at a personal property in Texas, this Tuesday, 12th February, 2019. These kids were discovered in the most miserable states. Three of them were boys, of ages 1, 3, and 5, and, one was a girl, who was four years old.

The Associated Press said that Lane Akin, the Wise County Sheriff, reached the place when he was attending to a domestic violence call near the area of Rhome in Texas. The sheriff arrived at the residence at around 7:20 a.m. which eventually led him to the two kids that were trapped in the dog kennel.

While the officers were speaking to the man and woman that they were supposed to investigate, they heard noises of children from their barn. The woman was 24 years and was identified by the name of Paige Isabow Harkings. She was the birth mother of all of the children. The man was also 24 years old and goes by the name Andrew Joseph Fabila. This man was found to be the birth father of only one child. Andrew and Paige were both filed for four separate counts for the endangerment of each child. Additionally, the mother was charged for assault.

Two of the eldest kids were found inside the 3 feet cubed cage and the other two were found inside the barn. All of the children were dressed in filthy, smallest amount of clothes and were soiled all over. Akin told the press that the barn was vaguely designed to symbolize a living room. The inhumane way that the children were kept left the sheriff disgusted.

A lot of food was in sight in that home but all of it was locked inside a refrigerator. Hence, the children had no access to it. Every cabinet inside the barn was locked, leaving the children completely helpless.

All four of the children looked undoubtedly starved and dehydrated. Therefore, all were transferred immediately to a medical facility nearby where they could be taken care of and examined appropriately.

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