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Getting Rid of Negative Thinking Patterns


Many people struggle with negative thinking patterns which affect their life overwhelmingly. Their relationships, health and even work are impacted by the adverse effects of such thoughts. They find it hard to move ahead in life and are unable to perceive positivity in any situation. Thus, it is important to get rid of these negative thinking patterns before they ruin your life completely. Your attitude is through which the world recognizes you and tries to form opinions about you. If your mental attitude is negative, others will also have a negative reaction towards you and it would be really difficult for you to get out from this vicious circle.

1. Useless Approaches to Get Rid of Negativity

How people deal with their negativity in different ways and some of them fall deeper into this endless darkness by approaching the problem with equally useless methods. When people are overwhelmed by their negative attitude, they make use of alcohol, smoking and other ineffectual diversions to get rid of their negative thinking patterns. Instead of dealing with the problem’s root cause, they just try to silence and numb the superficial effects.

However, this is not the proper way to address the problem of negative thinking patterns. What you need to do is focus on some key solutions that can help you become mentally strong and resilient. Once your mind is free of all the negative clutter, you will be able to lead a better and positive life.

2. How to Get Rid of Negative Thinking Patterns

Negative thoughts have a persistent pattern of nagging along and creeping over every aspect of your life. They make you anxious, depressed and make you believe that you are unworthy and shameful. These repetitive patterns are stressful and also incur an everlasting fear of everything and everyone.

To get rid of all these negative emotions and thinking patterns, it is essential to detach yourself from this whole negativity to deal with it. This process, known as “cognitive defusion” allows you to perceive your thoughts just as they are instead of being an integral part of your life. When you back away from them, you are able to separate the reality and the adverse thoughts. If you are unable to do it, these patterns creep up into every aspect of your life and affect your actions and the way your perform everywhere.

3. Do Not Let the Negative Thoughts Persist

One thing that you need to remember is that there is nothing wrong in having negative thoughts. It’s in human nature to experience the negative side of things as well. However, the problem arises when these thoughts persist. From every waking moment to even your dreams are plagued with these thoughts. The problem lies with the negative thoughts that infect your emotions and make it difficult to view anything sensibly.

4. Liberate Yourself by Identifying Your Negativity

Recognizing and addressing these negative patterns is the first step towards liberating yourself from this web. When you know where the problem lies, you will be able to deal with it more efficiently. When you are conscious that the thoughts you are having are of negative pattern, you will be mindful about it and replace them with positive thoughts more consciously.

Learn to let of the negative feelings and emotions that make life difficult for you. For instance, instead of linking a rainy day with gloom and despair, think of it as fresh start and how all the grime and dirt is being washed away. Once you mindfully practice this approach, the grunge on your mind will also wash down with the rain of positivity. Learn to enjoy the smaller things in life from the sound of birds to the rustle of leaves to get rid of negative thinking patterns.

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

James Thurber

5. Do Not Dwell in the Past

One of the major root causes of negative thinking patterns is the habit of dwelling in the past. Especially, thinking about the failures of the past. If you keep on thinking and rethinking of all the things that went wrong in the past, the mistakes that you made and wishful thinking about what could have been different will never get you anywhere. This gloomy outlook on life prevents you from availing new opportunities and keeps you away from success and pleasures of the present life.

It is essential to get hold of your life and deal with what is happening in your life at the present. It may sound really clichéd but let bygones be bygones. Learn from the mistakes and failures and move on. Think about all the good things happening to you right now. If nothing else be thankful for breathing properly and being alive. This in itself is a big reward and incentive enough to do better in your life always.

6. Practice Mindfulness to Keep a Check on Negative Patterns

The human mind is like an ocean: all peaceful and calm on the surface and tumultuous and raging deep down. The complex human nature is hidden under many deep layers and it is sometimes difficult to understand what is going on under the peaceful calm. To understand those unaddressed feelings and thoughts buried deep within you, you need to practice mindfulness.  It can be done through meditation and taking out time for yourself in a calm and peaceful place. It is essential that you talk to yourself and build up constructive thinking patterns.

You need to practice mindfulness, be happy and enjoy everything around you. Only then you will be able to get rid of your negative thinking patterns in a practical and efficient way.

Masooma Murtaza Lotia
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