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Thursday, October 22, 2020
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How a Bike is Made: History, Material, Production Process


A bike also called a cycle or bicycle, is a two-wheel single track vehicle which is run with human power with the help of pedals. Bikes were introduced in Europe during the 19th century and were considered a popular method of transportation before motorcycles and cars were invented.  Even today you see people riding bikes on the streets for different reasons. Bicycles are used for transportation, exercise, racing, stunts and even as children’s toys. Bikes are considered to be a great invention by the human beings as all other motor vehicles were somewhat made by the basics which were present in a bike like, chain sprockets, bearings, gears, brakes and also the inflatable tires.

If you take a look at the modern day bike, it has developed a lot since the first invention. Different models and styles are made for separate occasions. I’m sure no one imagined the BMX bike would be invented to perform stunts.


Inventions similar to bikes have been seen since the late 1700s when a Frenchman, Comte de Sivrac made the Celerifere, a wooden hobby horse. In 1860 the first ball bearing hubs, solid rubber tires and gear shifts were invented which were a boost in the invention of a bike. As time passed by many people around the world started making changes to the bike and making it better. After the Second World War, due to automobiles being used more often, bikes showed a decline in popularity. However, Instead of ordinary bikes, people started making different styles used for various reasons. Most commonly used bikes to this date are racing bikes and mountain bikes.


The most important part of the bike, which also is called the base of the bike, is its frame. The reason for the importance of this part is that it holds all other components together. The framework used to be made out of durable and heavy steel. Over the years the frame has received many upgrades with aluminum metal being used making it stronger, lighter, and durable. Even though aluminum metal has a shorter lifespan compared to standard steel or metal, the lightweight feature is the reason it is still being used.

People want their bikes to be fast and light so that they can ride comfortably. More expensive bikes are made out of composite metal which makes the bike lighter and faster than any material before. But this metal has made the prices of modern-day bikes rise. Apart from the frame, brakes, wheels, and chains are made of stainless steel as well. The bike manufacturer purchases all other parts of a bike from the market and only makes the frame. When they have all the pieces and structure ready they assemble it and test it to check the quality and safety.

Production Process

The procedure starts with the most crucial part of the bike, the frame. Today, most bike frames are made out of aluminum composite, implying that the metal has hints of silicon, titanium, magnesium, chromium, copper, manganese, zinc, and iron, however, is principally made out of aluminum. The first step is the heating and melting process of the solid aluminum. When it’s in liquid form other metals are added to make the composite. The finished material is aluminum composite prepared to be shaped into a bike frame.

To form the aluminum composite into a bicycle frame, the metal goes through the process called hydroforming. To set up the metal for this procedure, the aluminum composite is cut into thin metal sheets and after that moved into tubes. These tubes are set in a hydraulic machine which is then loaded with a liquid made out of water, ointments, drying agents, rust precautions, and anti-bacterial liquid. By filling the region around the tube with fluid, weight is connected which can form the metal into the desired shape. Once the hydroforming is finished, and all the tubes have been formed into the proper shapes, the tubes are welded together and smoothed with sanding, therefore creating durable bike frames.

The last step in the finishing of the frame is the appearance. The frames are painted or spray painted in different colors and designs so that they can look attractive. In the modern era, colorful bikes are more demanded then plain and simple black bikes. After finishing the frame, all other bike parts like brakes, wheels, seat, chain and other components are brought in from other sources and assembled by the bike manufacturer. A final test will be conducted to check for any faults and sent to the distributors.

You can also get your personally customised bike just the way you want it. If you still don’t know how to ride a bicycle, hurry and start learning so that you don’t miss the fun racing your bike with your friends.

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