How to Make Baseball Bats: History, Material and the Manufacturing Process

1st January 2020

Baseball is a bat and ball game played between two teams of 9 players on each side. The teams take turns in batting and fielding. The batting side has to hit the ball thrown by the pitcher from the fielding side. In order to score runs, a batter has to run past all four bases in a diamond shape formation. The fielding side has to try to get the batsmen out by either catching the ball, tagging the batsman while he isn’t on a base or by making the batsman miss in hitting the ball three times which are called strikes. The batting side uses a baseball bat to hit the ball and score runs. Would like to learn how to make baseball bats



Before proper bats were used to play, people played baseball with sticks. When the sport was officially brought into consideration players either made their personal bats or bought them from a shop where bats were made. During the year 1863 league rules and regulations were comprehensive and permitted players to use whichever bat they find suitable. Many styles of different bats in weight, length, and shapes were seen being used.

However, the baseball federation then passed a law which limited the bat in length and diameter. The length allowed is 42 inches and diameter 2.75 inches. No weight limit was enforced which meant you could pick the weight whichever suits you best. Another law made was that the bat must only be made of wood. Players have always been careful with their bats and use customized bats with weights and grips just like they want it to be. If you are striving to become an all-star pinch hitter, choose your bat wisely.



Baseball bats are generally made out of ash trees from upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Ash trees are well known for their flexibility, strength, and lightweight. A tree which is about 40-50 years of age is nearly perfect with the diameter to yield around 60 bats per tree.

After observation when a tree has reached the requirements needed, a forester marks the tree for the log cutter to come and cut it. The tree is split into approx 10-foot logs and loaded on to trucks which are taken to mills. After reaching the mill, the trees are checked for defects, and usually, only half of all the logs get approved to manufacture baseball bats. The approved logs are then cut into pieces of 40 inch and stored in the wood library distributed in weights and species.

Manufacturing process.

Making Billets

The pieces of wood are further made smaller by turning them into billets while shaving all edges off. After that, it is inspected once again and arranged into weights and quality. The ends get painted to protect the wood from rotting and later on transported to the bat manufacturer.

Shaping the Billet

When an order is received a billet is picked from the wood library depending on the model or type of bat which has been ordered. A worker places the billets into an automatic machine which shapes the billets into a rough baseball bat. During and after this whole process the bat is inspected numerous times to maintain quality and be aware of defects. If any issue is found the bat gets left aside and another billet is picked to make the bat. After assuring a bat is of high quality it is sent to the sanding department. The bats are appropriately sanded to remove all rough edges. After that, the bats are distributed according to the weight and model.

Making the Bat Perfect

The manufacturer always has samples of each model to match the newly bats and determine which model it is. Usually, orders which are placed by teams comprise of all types of models as all players have different weight preferences of bats. The bat turner, workers who make the bat, ensures the quality of the bat at every step and makes sure it is perfect. They are trained for making the same model bats every time without even the slightest of difference.


Final Touches

The last step is that the baseball bats are branded with the logo of the manufacturer of the bat and signature of the player who is associated with the model. The bat can also be colored or dyed into colors required, after which it is packed in boxes and delivered to the team or players who placed the order.

After the bat gets delivered to the team or player, it can be seen being used in the next game. If you have gotten your customized bat already made then get on the baseball field and play ball!

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