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Hybrid Cars: The Future is Here!


Hybrid cars, as days go by are becoming our transport need. As the demand for vehicles increase the demand for oil will also enhance. – And to be honest, we are running out of fossil fuel, maybe not in the next fifty years but eventually, the earth will be dry of that liquid gold. Hybrid cars are great alternatives as you can save fuel with the dually powered engines that run on both electric and fuel.

What is a Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars come into the equation. So you ask what a hybrid vehicle is? Well, a hybrid car uses two types of motors, one powered by traditional petrol and the other is run by electricity. The technology was discovered in the late 1900s, but it was too expensive to use back then. However, in the last ten years, hybrid cars are shining as gold to many car owners. People are getting smarter day by day, and they realise the importance of fossil fuel, so they are switching to a hybrid

In addition, nowadays you can even find cars that are solely powered by electricity like Tesla. Toyota and Honda have been in the hybrid game for a long time now; they brought vehicles like the Toyota Prius and Civic Hybrid so people can get introduced to the new world of alternate energy and it is also perfect for our environment as electric motors create less CO2 emission.

Many car companies have launched their version of hybrid cars and are making them more affordable for regular customers. More and more are people appreciating this technology because it is not just environmentally friendly but the sensible thing to do for our future. Using hybrid is not all fun; there are some cutbacks to it also. Take a look at getting a hybrid vehicle for you this year.


  1. One of the most significant benefits of running a hybrid car is that it’s immensely environment-friendly. It produces less to barely any harmful gases while driving and it also creates no sound, so there is no noise pollution.
  2. In some countries, the government will pay back the hybrid car’s owner a percentage of the vehicles actual price back just because they are driving a hybrid car and electricity costs less than gas/petrol, so it has financial benefits.
  3. The hybrid cars are built from very light material so the motor needs less energy to run and there is a regenerative braking system that charges the battery every time the vehicle stops so that the car can run further.


  1. It will be costly to maintain a hybrid car because of its two types of engine, as the vehicle will need highly trained mechanics to fix the car. In addition, you won’t find many mechanics who’ll know how to deal with this technology.
  2. Safety can be a huge issue for such car as there is a large battery present inside, in case of any accidents it can be challenging for the emergency team to rescue the people because the battery can shock them with a high voltage.
  3. Hybrid cars can be costly, as the day goes by new electric motors launch their own vehicles, and it bumps up the price. Apart from that, hybrid vehicles are not that fast. Though they produce excellent acceleration, the top speed suffers from the low powered motors.


The truth is that electric cars are the future, and hybrid vehicles are just a step towards it. We should all appreciate these companies that are so dedicated to bringing us just what the future needs. Yes, cars are not perfect yet! Soon people all over the world will use hybrid vehicles, and it is not just about driving the stunning looking Civic Hybrid; it is also about the environment. The cars are making a difference and so should the people, so please do your part and save the environment.

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