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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Tips to Make Impeccable Videos for Your New YouTube Channel


Imagine a scenario in which you could pull out an extraordinary formula and set up a viral video. Wouldn’t that simply amaze your crowd? Now imagine another situation where only you know the mystery ingredient to make your video stand out. Imagine the millions of likes and shares that you could get. Like you, many content makers and entrepreneurs would die to find an equation that can make their videos trend across various social media platforms, including YouTube.

What are Viral Videos?

Remember binge-watching those addictive 5-minute craft videos on YouTube? These videos are entertaining, precise, aesthetically shot, and include some useful DIY projects and hacks. Viral videos offer loads of content that is entertaining, useful, and relatable. Most importantly, you can share them on social media like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. It does not matter whether you are a daily vlogger, gamer, prankster or just someone who makes hidden spy camera videos. Everyone needs to understand that there is no definite formula for making a fantastic video for YouTube. The most popular videos are the result of a great deal of work combined with a hint of karma planning. With the tips and tricks that you read here, you can easily create your own formula for creating impeccable videos for your channel.

Why Short Videos are Better

Microsoft carried out a detailed study on human attention spans and concluded that the ability of humans to focus is not more than that of a goldfish! The world is becoming more and more competitive.People nowadays have little time or attention to watch long movies or videos. Therefore, you must edit your videos in such a way that they are not too long and can hold the attention of your audience.

Why Choose Quality over Quantity

Straightforward, clear, and brief content can do wonders for your videos. Keep your videos genuine and meaningful. And offer a purpose or a reason. Try to focus on quality over quantity for your channel. Unless you have a vlog channel, posting videos twice a week is enough to maintain viewer engagement. And you won’t have to compromise on the quality of your videos.

How to Make the Best YouTube Thumbnails

When followers share your videos on networking sites, the first thing they see is the title and thumbnail. Make a thumbnail that is relevant yet creates some mystery or curiosity. It should be irresistible for your viewer and they should want to click it. Invest some time in creating unique, high-quality thumbnails using professional image editing software.

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video

Proper lighting can greatly improve the overall quality of your video. Invest in a few good quality lights that can last for several years. If you are new to making videos and have a small budget, go for natural lighting instead. You can record videos outside during the day when the sunlight is the brightest. You can always adjust the brightness and saturation later in the editing.

Why Add Music?

Add Music

Music plays an essential part in giving videos a unique and distinctive identity. You can collaborate with freelance musicians and use their songs in the background. Or, you can use music snippets from YouTube’s own library. Never use copyrighted material that someone might claim anytime in the future.

Make Sure to Experiment

Currently, YouTube promotes content that is clean and family-friendly. Avoid using foul or abusive language. Getting noticed and increasing viewership takes time.Always experiment with different lights, camera angles, and wide-angle shots while your channel is new. You will learn more about the technical aspects of making videos.Once you have a strong fan base, you can make technically strong and flawless videos.

To Wrap Up

Making videos on YouTube can help you get your voice out there and have your say on things that matter to you. Try to create your own brand of videos and avoid copying content from other YouTubers.Although it is nice to have some inspiration, try to bring your own flavor to your work. This will make your videos stand out from others. What’s more, your videos will be a representation of your own style and personality.

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