Sunday, January 17, 2021

Leila Gonzalez Arrested For Brutal Hit-And-Run Case


There are numerous reports on hit-and-run cases in the news, on a regular basis. Humanity and guilt have lost all meaning and are mere words in today’s world.

This Monday, California witnessed a, yet again, brutal hit-and-run incident. As per the Redondo Beach Police Department, a college girl was left dead at the Redendo Beach in California. The suspect arrested goes by the name of Leila Gonzalez.

Leila is a resident of Bell, California. She is 21 years old herself. She was recognized as the driver of the car by local authorities.

It was witnessed that the student was hauled for quite a few hundred feet. According to reports, the driver seemed to have got out of the black car after the impact. However, after glancing at the brutally hit victim, the driver raced back to her Audi SUV. She sped off immediately following this, disregarding the fact that she just left a dying young lady on the road.

Los Angeles’ KTLA-TV testified that the victim was identified by the name Angelina Pinedo. She was 21 years old, as well.

Approximately 20 miles to the south of Los Angeles, Angelina was walking across the street before the collision. It was reported to have been precisely 9 p.m. at Rodendo Beach when the accident took place. Pinedo was declared dead on the spot when paramedics and the police reached the crime scene.

Authorities found the vehicle and claimed that it was not functional after the accident. The local police department revealed a photograph of the car depicting the dents caused by the victim’s supposedly collided body.

Leila is bound to be presented in court today for the hearing. She is furthermore detained on $50, 000, as stated by the KTLA.

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