Five Movie Celebrities Who Have Been Sent to Jail

21st August 2019

If you commit a crime or break the law, you can expect to spend some time behind bars. This goes for all human beings whether you’re a politician, a multi-billionaire or even a celebrity. For that very reason, some of our favorite movie stars have also spent time in jail. A few of these celebrities have been top rated actors and actresses known for performing in several blockbusters throughout their careers, but the crimes that they have been charged with are quite surprising. Wondering who they are? Here are the five movie celebrities who have been sent to jail sometime in their lives:


I’m sure you’re familiar with Wesley Snipes from movies like Blade and demolition man. Unfortunately, this vampire killer has also served time behind bars for a terrible crime, tax evasion. You know how hungry the government is for tax, so people who make an effort to evade it, you’ll have to face the consequences just like Mr. Snipes.  He was sentenced to three years on April 24th, 2008 after failing to file income tax return.

He even tried to persuade that it was all because of bad financial advice which he reviewed, but these trips weren’t going to help him after earning a handsome amount of around $37m from 1999-2004 he should have expected a visit from the tax office. However, he was released a bit early after serving over two years at Pennsylvania’s McKean County prison, after which he has given many hits and is trying to be a good tax filer from that day onwards.


Popularly known as the Iron Man and the first Hollywood star to sign a $100 million movie contract has also seen what it’s like being behind bars several times. Before becoming the Iron Man, Downey was known for all the wrong things. During the 90’s he was frequently arrested for drug-related charges and was known as a washed up coke addict. Probably the place which might have brought him back to his senses was California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison in Corcoran, California, where he was sentenced to three years. Iron Man is an icon of justice and fighting evil, and that’s precisely how he struggled with himself to become something. From being a drug addict to become a part of one of the highest grossing franchise of all time, is quite a journey. If you are looking for inspiration, this man is the perfect example!


Mark Wahlberg has become a famous hunk in Hollywood over the years with his muscular body, cute expressions and notable performances in films like Ted and Transformers. However, before he came to stardom, he was a felon. Being addicted to drugs at the age of 13, he was eventually arrested when he was 16 for attempted murder. Wahlberg beat-up two Vietnamese men in one day with a stick, which left them completely unconscious. When the cops turned up to arrest him he confessed his crime and said that there was no need for them to identify him, he did it.

After spending time in prison, Mark came out a different man and even applied for a pardon. By becoming an active social worker, he proved to the state that he was guilty of his crime and is a changed man. After that, he worked hard and chose to go for fame and fortune instead of drugs and violence.


Could Disney stars also break the law and go to jail? Strange, but true! Kids always look up to actors who are a part of the Disney world and never expect to hear them do something wrong. However, one Disney star has been in and out of courtrooms several times over the years. In 2011 the Mean Girls’ star was sentenced to 120 days in prison for violating her drink and driving probation. Even after serving time in jail she continued her inappropriate behavior facing more charges and visits to the court. Some people just don’t learn!


People all around the world have loved Allen’s voice as Buzz in the Toy Story franchise and are waiting to hear it again in the upcoming sequels. However, before rising to fame and becoming Buzz Lightyear, Allen was found involved in drug trafficking. He got caught with 650 grams of cocaine at Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport. Drug traffickers are known to serve very long periods behind the bar as it is considered to be a horrific crime. Still wondering how he got out early enough becoming your Buzz Lightyear?

Allen, after getting arrested gave the names of people who were working in the network. Betraying his colleagues turned out in favor of him as his sentence for life imprisonment was shortened to two years and four months in a Federal Correctional Institution in Sandstone, Minnesota.

Going to jail was his turning point as spending time there all alone he had learned the importance of life and came out a better person. After that, it’s pretty much the case of “to infinity and beyond” for Allen.

Wrap Up

Being in the good books was not every celebrity’s choice. Many have always focused on maintaining their image whether it was before entering the film industry or after, but some just didn’t care and were found violating laws and getting known for all the wrong reasons. Some came out to become better people; others just don’t learn. All we can do is hope for the best and wish our favorite star doesn’t end up anywhere near the bars.


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