Prevention Is Better Than Cure

22nd November 2019
Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The age old saying by the Dutch Philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, “Prevention is better than cure”, has multiple definitions but most of them dwindle down to one meaning – it is better to take proper precautions before some calamity takes place or some problem occurs. There is no doubt that not having the problem in the first place is better than having to solve the problem later but it is not possible so the next best thing you can do is be prepared for it.  This is obviously a very sound and wise advice. It encourages the reader to deal with the challenges they come across in life. This wise saying also plays a crucial role in saving time, effort and money. Thus, it is extremely essential that you pay heed to occurrences in different aspects of your life and be ready for the unexpected and the dangerous.

Better Safe than Sorry

This principle is applicable to every area of our lives. Conventionally it is believed that it is limited to the medical issues only. Health and medical matters define only a one aspect of our life. These prudent words can in fact save us from small to major disasters both. For instance, it is better to wear something warm when the weather is a bit cooler than ending up with severe flu by not taking a precaution. Similarly, if the girls would keep a pepper spray with them at all times will save them from a criminal attack. Children should be trained to behave aggressively in case a dangerous stranger tries to grab them. This act will definitely save them from potentially dangerous consequences.

There are many respects in our daily life where it is better to ensure than looking into a cure. Some of these instances are given below where nipping the problem in the bud can save you a lot of energy and hassle.

Health & Medical Issues

This is the most conventional area of life where the prevention is definitely better than cure. It is especially true in the case of life-threatening diseases like cancer and aids. If someone gets a regular medical check-up, chances are that in case of cancer it will be diagnosed earlier on. According to medical experts the sooner the cancer is diagnosed, the less lethal and curable it is. On the other hand a disease like HIV Aids can be prevent altogether by taking precautions in physical relation, usage of pins and needles of any sorts and avoiding other such practices. By ensuring the prevention and precaution, it not only promises a healthier life, it also prevents the expenditure and stress.

Similarly, by sporting a healthier lifestyle, it is possible to prevent many other health issues. Paying attention to your physical fitness and nutrition also results in a healthy body and it is good for mental health too.

Prevention at Work

Whether you own your own business or work as a hired professional, preventive measures help you in lessening the stress and make work easy for you. Instead of procrastinating and focusing on the market trends in the future, etc., can save you from losing your job or suffer a financial crisis. Those who are wise, also be prepared with a plan B in advance, so that if Plan A fails, they’re already prepared and they are prevented from facing any sort of embarrassment. Finishing the work before the deadline and being prepared for the unseen problems can prove to be really helpful in dealing with various different problems.

Save the Environment

With the threat of global warming looming over our heads, it is essential that some prevention is done to reduce the effects and harmful impact of the intensifying temperatures. On the individual level, we can all take the precautionary steps by planting more trees. We can actually save the environment by rationing the water and not wasting the food and other resources. By not using harmful chemicals and refraining from using too much fuel and reducing the use of automobiles, we can actually reduce pollution effectively.

Sensible Decisions

“A stitch in time saves nine.” This is another proverb that also endorses the importance of preparing in advance. It is possible to avoid disasters, difficulties, misunderstandings and destruction by taking the right decision at the right time. No one is perfect and a small negligence can lead to huge problems. This situation can be avoided by taking precautionary measures no matter how painful or difficult they are.

For example, a student who studies every day is better off than the one who studies when the exams loom ahead. By preparing for the exams right for the beginning saves a student a lot of time and stress. Life also works in the same. Hence, it is better to be prepared for the surprise quiz that the life can throw at us any time without informing us.

To Prolong the Longevity of Valuable Assets

We live in the age of technology and advanced machines. It is essential that since the initial stage you keep you gadgets and belongings in a good condition to prolong their longevity. Whether it is your car or AC, if you won’t take precautionary measures to keep everything running smoothly, soon it will turn into a white elephant. To understand this adage better, imagine if there’s something wrong with the plug point where you plug in your microwave or any other expensive machinery. If there’s a problem in the point and you don’t take the precaution in time to get it repaired, you are facing huge potential dangers. There is the risk of an imminent short circuit which may damage your microwave. On the other hand, there is even a bigger danger that this small electrical short circuit can also result in a big accident like the causing fire to the whole house. So, one small precautionary measure can be critical in preventing you from lethal consequences.

Minimize the Rate of Crimes

It is way easier to talk about crimes and what punishment the criminal deserve. The waywardness and the rebellious nature of the youth are discussed in every drawing room but no one pays attention to the basic cause. If people start taking crucial steps beforehand, the crime itself can be prevented.  People do nothing to find the correct and preventive steps to stop the young people from committing crimes in the first place. Lack of education, proper attention of adults in their life, bullying and many other factors are the root cause of the negative behaviors.

The elders in the family and the society as a whole can take preventive measures by paying attention to the needs of the children at their homes and outside their homes. When there will be equal opportunities in education and financial security, the crime rate will automatically reduce as well. Inducing honest values and noble virtues in the children will help them become responsible citizens and it will play a key role in preventing and reducing criminal tendencies that affect the youth.

This is very widely defined proverb and there may be some disagreements regarding its interpretation. Still, there is nothing wrong in being a little alert ad prepared to live our life in a better way.

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