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Six Reasons All Humans Should Consider Taking a Trip to Outer Space

2018 is going to be a history-making year with Virgin Galactic’s announcement that they are looking to launch their first passenger trip to outer space. If this company achieves this milestone, we, the ordinary people, might even set foot on Mars within the next decade or two.

The best part about taking this trip is that you don’t have to be an astronaut. If you can afford the $250,000 ticket, then a trip to outer space could be your next adventure. In my opinion, going out in space isn’t just important to know what’s out there, but it’s also for the future of Earth and humanity. If you don’t think this trip is worth the money and excitement, here are six reasons every person should save up to go on this extraordinary journey.

1. A New Adventure

Whenever we plan on going for a trip, it’s mostly a beach, a new restaurant, a camping ground, or mountain hiking. People are done traveling to tourist spots with practically almost the same attractions. Wouldn’t it be amazing to see what it’s like to fly beyond the Earth’s atmosphere?

Many of us are fascinated by the stars and unending black space in the sky and have wondered what it would be like being out there. The Apollo missions inspired tons of students to focus on presuming a career in science. However, going into outer space will be an experience like none other.

2. Perspective

If we try to look at Earth from outer space’s perspective, it’s like a beautiful round ball with blue, white, and brown patches. Many people have forgotten the importance of Earth. That’s why we are seen damaging it by using up all the natural resources and cutting down trees on a daily basis.

Ordinary people should take a trip to outer space and see for themselves it’s all that we have. No sign of life or similar environments have been discovered anywhere in the universe yet. Earth is still our only hope for survival, so it’s better to maintain the environment and care for it before it’s too late. People should definitely go on this trip to realize the importance of our planet.

3. Exploration From a Trip to Outer Space

Regardless of the fact that there may still be land that hasn’t been explored on Earth, more expeditions should be sent into outer space to investigate all the corners of the Milky Way Galaxy. We can’t expect astronauts to do it alone. By going on such trips, people will also start exploring outer space, looking for places even scientists have missed.

No one expected Christopher Columbus to wander off and find America. If more people start taking trips to outer space, it might speed up the process of finding new life or an environment where humans can settle – to be human is to be an explorer. We have been doing it over the years – now it’s time to go out into the final frontier and explore new places in outer space.

4. International Collaboration

Over the years, space travel has led to many international collaborations. This helps in building peace amongst superpower nations on Earth. With more passenger trips, people of all countries will travel together and interact with each other.

Today, one company is planning to take this step; down the line, you may find many more. A few years later, you may witness a decline in the prices of tickets with cost-effective methods to bring down the expense of sending a group of people to outer space. All this will only happen when more demand arises in this industry. 600 people have already signed up for the first trip – you should plan to become part of the second trip to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

5. Eliminate the Over Population

According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report, Earth can only stand a population of 8-16 billion. Now that we have passed the seven billion mark, it won’t be long before we start running out of resources. In the end, finding a new home will be our last option for survival. The search has already begun, but ordinary people also have a chance to play an essential part in this mission.

By starting to take trips, people will be able to go further into space and help in looking for land where we can settle. By 2050, the estimated population is expected to rise to 9.7 billion. This indicates we don’t have much time left.

6. Are We Alone?

The answer to this question lies in the deep dark secrets of the universe. The Hubble Telescope has revealed that there are 100 billion galaxies, but this number is expected to double as telescope technology improves over time.

Each galaxy has its own set of planets, stars, and asteroids. We haven’t even been able to explore the universe we live in, so it’s pretty tough to answer this question. However, we can speed up the process and play a vital role in exploring other planets. There is nothing an ordinary person can’t do – so instead of relying on NASA, we can also start taking trips to outer space and learn more about it ourselves.

Wrap Up

There can be many more reasons why people should leave aside their fear and take the next trip to outer space. The first trip arranged by Virgin Galactic may only be around the orbit of Earth, but the next one could even take you to the moon. And that’s just the beginning – Fingers crossed.

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