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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

6 key features to look for in your Salon booking App

Salon booking App


For some years, extreme technological changes are noticed by everyone.  Every business has shifted from the manual process to the automated one.

And, the beauty industry has also joined this race.   It is regularly changing the way of handling the customers and managing their daily operations.  The Salon industry generally falls in repeated business.  For instance, services such as massages, pedicures, manicures, and haircuts are required on a regular basis.

This business, with some identical competitors, is exceptionally over-saturated.  A number of Salon owners are shifted to the online solutions to give the best experience to the customers and to streamline the complexities they face regularly.

These solutions are aiding them not in easily accessible availability, but also in making their booking a seamless task.  The thing which is continually growing in the web market is the use of mobile apps.  By entertaining your customers with the Salon app, you are taking your business to the next level.

Also, you are giving the customers what they actually require. By adopting the Salon scheduling App for your business, you can get more customers at your Salon door.  In addition, it increases the customer retention rate and opens the gates of repeat business.

The mobile app is a convenient way to communicate with the customers and to avail of new marketing channels. Even if you are experienced in skincare, makeover, or hair styling, administering the services with the mobile application will surely manage the operations.

As it is known that the Salon industry aims to lessen the stress factor of the stylists and the customers; therefore, adopting the mobile app is the best start.

If you have adopted the reliable app development service, then developing an app is not a difficult task, though.

Also,  it is desirable to choose the appropriate features to include in the app.   As per the statistics, beauty and healthcare are  4.3 trillion dollar industry.

The growth of this industry is not stagnant. With an increase of regular customers, it is not at all slowing down and even will not.

Precisely, we can say that the mobile app is there to give your business more opportunities to gain more profits.  Stay ahead from your competitors and start using the mobile app today.

After knowing the benefits, the Salon app can give your business, let’s find out the features it attains.

Table of Content

Top 6 features of Salon mobile app

Online Booking

Loyalty Cards

Reminder System

Special Offers

Mobile Reservations

Online Shopping Cart

Wrapping Up

Top 6 features of Salon mobile app

Online Booking

The Salon booking app permits the customers to schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments as per their convenience. As it is known that most of the bookings are scheduled after the office hours. Therefore, using this app, your customers can easily access the app to book their appointments.

The best part is that the customers can book their appointments 24X7 merely in a few seconds. It also blocks the slot when the staff is not available to entertain you. So, it also makes it comfortable for the staff to give the services as per their availability.

Booking several appointments at the same time is also possible if the staff is there to offer the services. This way, you can increase customer volume at your Salon door. And, contrarily will get more profitable business.

For booking the appointment, the customers need to fill in the booking form that will ask them the below credentials:

  • Which service do they want to avail of?
  • What would be a suitable time and date?
  • If it is their first time with the Salon
  • And a message/review to the Salon?

Loyalty Cards

Choose the features that the customers love, and the Loyalty card is the one you can go with.

It is known as the best method to engage more customers to choose you than your rival Salons. With loyalty cards, you can also provide mobile loyalty programs, such as, get two hair spas free with one hair cut.

So, if you have an urge to get more profit in less time, then you can create a 4+1 card that will offer your customers any product for free (hair mask, shampoo, and hair conditioner).

With this feature, you can manage the customer’s coupon activity adequately, offer them the engaging offers with a complementary offer to return. Also, make varied perks levels to reward the potential/loyal customers.

But, your primary focus should be on the goals that you want to achieve before commencing the loyalty card program.   Analyze whether you can get the return you have expected by giving free services or free products.

It is important that you should examine this point comprehensively before setting your loyalty cards.   Consider that the loyalty cards are also an essential element in your success and for building a strong customer base.  With patience and time, you will surely get the gains.

Reminder System

Maintaining regular footfall at your Salon is a must. Hence, it is important to include the feature of a reminder system/notifications on your mobile app. With this critical feature, you can send reminders to your customers to make the process regular and seamless.

Sending the notification to your customers of their pending payments,  services, appointments are really helpful.  You can also send emails or SMS on their anniversaries, birthdays, etc. It will make them feel that you value them.

When you introduce new offers or discounts at your Salon, you can make customers aware of notifying in either way (SMS or email).

Special Offers

Interacting regularly with the customers can give you the opportunity to convert them into leads. Stay in regular contact with them. With the special offers, you can encourage the customers to get involved in special events, promotions, offers, and deals.

It also makes the customers updated regarding the vital information. In the downtime period, if you are not able to generate profitable business, then you can go with the push notifications.

Special offers permit you to develop interest proactively and quickly. Implementing this feature effectively, you can handle your notifications in iOS, facebook, twitter, and android. The exciting thing that you can create is that you can offer the GPS coupons that the customers will open when they sign-in to the app. It also integrates the fun dimension to your Salon, gives rewards to them for visiting you.

Mobile Reservations

Because of this feature, the customers can obtain the mobile reservations linked immediately from the appealing built-in calendar. It will save the time of your staff that usually consumed on the phone. This also makes it easy for customers to book appointments easily when they feel indecisive to call.

Using this feature, the customers can get notifications from the email or SMS regarding the appointment schedule. Integrating Mobile Reservations in your Salon app would turn out to be beneficial, gives you more customers, and boost repeat appointments. It also performs an arbitrary up-front commitment charge for the appointment.

Online Shopping Cart

How convenient has it become to shop from an app? Right?? This feature has attracted a lot of customers. Now, every customer prefers to shop online as it saves their time, and above all, they get the products with some discounts as well. Integrate this feature to your app and allow the customers to buy suitable beauty products in some minutes only.

It lets the customers check the list of the products your Salon is offering, and they can, therefore, add the memberships, want-to-buy products, packages, and gift cards in the shopping cart. They can review and remove the products they don’t require and purchase.

Wrapping Up

Be proactive and clever. Get a grip on a segment of customers that might influence your business by visiting your competitors. With absolute commitment, you can acquire more customers that surely will raise your Salon revenue.

In the technological era, everyone has become mobile-driven. And, prefers to get everything on the mobile. Therefore, you should be ready to make customers involved in your Salon and create a mobile app. It can give you enormous business benefits.

It’s totally the wish either, to start with just one, or to integrate all the above mentioned (six) features to your Salon app. And, it is not about what your business size (big or small) is. Your mobile app with exceptional features will be a reliable tool your customers will like.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is any feature that we have missed, then let us know in the comment section below.

Share your experience if you are already engaging in the mobile app. Queries and suggestions related can be asked.

Thanks for reading!! Have a great day!!

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