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The 10 Most Start-Up Friendly Countries In The World (Infographic)

Start Up Friendly Countries

Friendly countries

Are you thinking about launching your start-up overseas? If so, check out our helpful guide to find out more about the most start-up friendly countries in the world.

The Impact of Globalisation on Start-Ups

Over the past decade, the emergence of digital technologies and inexpensive global transport options have enabled new start-ups to become more international in their outlook. As a result of globalization, many modern entrepreneurs are turning to foreign nations to provide a base for their new business. If you’re considering starting a business abroad, then one of the first things you should read our guide to discover is the most start-up friendly destinations across the world.

Why Move Your Start-up Abroad?

  • Gain access to a highly-educated talent pool
  • Avail of lower overhead costs e.g. rent, labor costs, utilities
  • Take advantage of government initiatives and tax policies
  • Put yourself in a better position to penetrate global markets
  • Engage with a local culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Tap into opportunities that are not available in your home country

What Factors Help to Make a Country “Start-Up Friendly”?

There are many ways in which a country can build a start-up friendly environment. Some key factors include the provision of a strong infrastructure, access to funding and VC investors, and strong global connections. Another thing to look out for is a dynamic start-up ecosystem that offers ample support for new start-ups (e.g. accelerator programs, networking groups, etc.). Government policy and start-up tax incentives can also be a good way to entice international start-ups.

Find Out More

If you would like to discover more about the best national start-up ecosystems in the world, then you should read the infographic below which comes from Hansen and Company. This insightful guide examines the unique combination of factors that has led to the development of top-quality start-up scenes.

Take a look at the infographic guide below to learn about the most start-up friendly nations in the world.

The 10 most start up friendly countries in the world infographic

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