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6 Great Upcoming 2019 Summer Festivals around the World


April is already here and so is the summer season in its full bloom, already! Summers are not only hot and sizzling but also a time to relax, take a break and enjoy life at a slower place. Since ancient times, summers have been celebrated and a great number of festivals have been the part of history. From Pagan Festivals to Religious Ones and from Arts & Music to Literary Festivals, it is the time between April to September that most of them are celebrated around the world.

Summer 2019 is no different and there are a number of new and old festivals that people all across the world celebrate. If you love crowds and music, art and culture and some silly antics eve, then of these festivals is just perfect for you. For the Literary buffs and those who appreciate various forms of arts, I’ve handpicked some really popular destinations and festivals. So get ready to dance, laugh, target practice with tomatoes or enjoy the sun, the sultry nights and learn something new too.

Festivals in April

  1. Coachella, California, USA

12–14 and 19–21 April 2019

For the music lovers, this is one of the major music fest of the year. Held in the clear summers of the very beautiful California, Coachella is the perfect combination of gloss, glam with the scenic background of palm-trees.  Some very popular names rev up this multi genre music every year. 2019 is no exception and names like Khalid, J Balvin, Bad Bunny and Wiz Khalifa are queued up for appearance this year. So, get ready to tap your feet and sway your hands to the beats by not only these artists but the cherry on top is the going to be a grand performance by Childish Gambino and Ariana Grande. You are definitely going to groove to clear skies, sultry evenings and more at this event. Pay a visit to for further info. 

  1. Songkran

April 13th-15th

Although previously the dates for this event were calculated on astrological basis, now they have been set on April 13th-15th.

Thai New Year is definitely a festival you don’t want to miss if you are looking for an Asian festival. Thailand is completely closed for this three-days festival known as Songkran. It is a perfect occasion for those who love everything to do with water because for three days a water fight takes place in the whole country. I challenge you that during this time it would be impossible for you to remain dry if you step outside.  Whether you are enjoying your youth or are young at heart, this festival is for all. Everyone in Thailand takes part in this festival – be young or old. Especially beware of sweet little old ladies who wouldn’t hesitate to drench you with a bucket full of cold water. Oh yes, mobile water fights go on in the famous Tuk-Tuk also. Best part of this event is that it is free for all though you may need a few water guns, etc. Visit to find out how you can join millions of people visiting Thailand for the festivities this year.

Festivals in May

  1. Frieze Art Fair, New York, USA

2–5 May 2019

For the art lovers, this festival is a treasure trove. This festival is perfect for those who have a fine eye for the culture and art. The best part about the Frieze Art Fair in New York is that it is a great platform for contemporary artists and contemporary art lovers. You can meet and see the work of 1,000 contemporary artists during this event. You can always visit for more information before you head out for this display of art and culture.

  1. Brighton Festival, Brighton, United Kingdom

2–26 May 2019

Another great festival for the fans of arts, music, theatre and other such activities is the Brighton Festival. It is held in Brighton, United Kingdom. This festival is critically acclaimed.It brings you a variety of artists from different genres including performing arts and music. Eminent names that have graced this festival previously include directors like Aung San Suu Kyui, Vanessa Redgrave, Anish Kapoor and Hofesh Shechter. Want to learn more about this festival held across Brighton throughout the month of May, click on

  1. The Masked Ball, Cornwall, United Kingdom

3–5 May 2019

Party lovers are crazy about the themed parties.The Masked Ball held in the sleepy Cornish seaside town Porthleven is the perfect event for them. The silent cliffs become the focus of masked mischief-makers. Everyone going to ball is expected to dress up for this magnanimous theme party. Electronic music is another main attraction.

Festivals in June

  1. Fez Festival of World Sacred Music (May/June)

This is a much celebrated music festival that is held in Morocco every year.  Fez Festival of World Sacred Music started in 1994 as a gesture to bring a variety of cultures religions on one platform. United Nations has also appreciated this sacred music festival for bringing various cultures and religions together and encouraging a peaceful dialogue between them.


6. Swedish Midsummer

19 – 25 June

Like the name states, Midsummer Eve in Sweden is always celebrated on a Friday that falls between 19th and 25th of June. It’s a pure summer festival (much like the one described in Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare but without magic). Maypole is a key element of this festival and the participants pick wild flowers and weave wreaths to place on it.

Locals celebrate the arrival of midsummer by enjoying the nature. They dance around the maypole. Food includes lots of fish accompanied with gallons of beer. Pickled herring is the traditional delicacy enjoyed with schnapps. The longest day of the year truly lasts long as the sun doesn’t set till midnight.

The festivals mentioned above are just some of the festivals from a long list. You can also visit one of the following festivals in late summer starting from August and lasting till September.

The American Folk Festival, Maine, USA

23–25 August 2019


Burning Man (August)

Date: Begins on the last Sunday in August.


Longyearbyen Literature Festival, Svalbard, Norway

2–6 September 2019

Genre: Literature

The Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Turkey

12–15 September 2019

Genre: Art

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