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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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10 Beneficial Tips to Kill Boredom during Long Flights


What are you fond of to do when you’re unfortunately stuck in long flights? Do you treasure it or do you get bored like other passengers? Don’t worry because whether you’re the one who gets bored or okay with it, this article is a perfect fit for you.

So you better buckle yourself up on your seat and give this article some time. These amazing tips will surely get you a lot of ideas which you’re very free to do on your pending travels.

1. Read a book

This tip is one of the most effective ways you can do to kill boredom unless you’re not into reading. However, if you’re not that fond of reading novels, you can have some magazines or journals to read.

Reading is proven to relaxing your body and lowering stress level. It doesn’t have to be the bestseller book or a hardbound one, the important thing is that it meets your interests.

2. Load up or recharge your gadgets

It’s understood that photos and videos, together with journals are big trends for those who are travelling a lot. It’s because these things serve as a memento of one of the happiest moments of your life. Also, these things bring so much satisfaction to you as a traveller.

3. Check and research more about your destination

To kill your boredom, you may choose to increase your level of excitement instead. How? You can check and research more about your destination. Reading itineraries, checking the destinations’ social media accounts and websites, checking photos, and so on may help.

Some of the important things you must not forget to research about are;

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation (searching for minibus hire is a must especially if you’re travelling as a group)
  • Restaurants
  • tourist destinations
  • Libraries and museums
  • Search the nearest hospital to your place
  • Police stations’ contact information and more.  

4. Get yourself some beauty sleep

If boredom hits you while on a long flight and unfortunately you’re not in the mood to do something, try to sleep instead. Sleeping will not only stop the boredom but will surely recharge your exhausted mind and body. This will save you some energy which you can absolutely use to enjoy your travel more.

5. Indulge yourself with some snacks

Who wouldn’t want some snacks?! Of course, this can be considered as one of the most effective ways to overcome boredom – enjoying your favourite snacks while sharing stories with your travel buddy. What an awesome idea, right?

6. Watch a movie!

What could be better than eating your favourite snacks, while watching a thrilling movie? Oh, that’s just beyond a great idea, right? So, if you ever get stuck in a long flight, this could be the best choice. If not, then what?

7. Took the ever famous “window shot”

You know, getting in with what’s trending will surely blow your mind. So, why not try to take the ever famous “window shot” on the plane, huh? Just make a lot of effort and make sure to take the perfect shot so you could have that double tap-worthy photos on your gram.

8. Visit and update your social media accounts

To kill the boredom, you can visit and update your social media accounts. Going on your social media accounts can easily divert your attention and may gradually shoo away that negative vibes. It can also be the perfect time to upload your taken photos, whether before being on the plane or at the time you got on the plane.

9. Get your plans on point

When travelling, of course, you already have plans. But why not make it better while you’re in the middle of long flights. You could do a little brainstorming so you could have better plans before you step on your most-awaited destination.

10. Decide on what to wear during your vacation

If you think that the tip-giving is finally over, you’re definitely wrong. The last but absolutely not the least on our list is by killing boredom by deciding on your attires during your travel.

This will somehow create a little excitement in you for sure. You can mix and match your clothes in your mind or simply plan the order of the attires you brought with you.

Now, you can finally say that you’re ready to battle with long flights. These are only some of the million ways you can do once you experienced boredom while on the plane. If you have more suggestions to add on the list, why not share your thoughts and ideas with us? That would surely be fun and amazing.

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