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Top 4 NFL Stars Who Excelled in both Sports and Education


Let’s just face it; NFL stars have a reputation for not performing well in school. From a very young age, they divert their focus on the game rather than on studies. More time is spent in the gym instead of a library. They even select schools which value athletes more. However, some NFL football players have emerged to become successful and hardworking students as well. Some NFL players appreciated their football scholarships and made the most out of it by focusing on both the game and studies. Take a look at some NFL stars who pursued higher studies while playing the sport.



Ryan is a well-known QB playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in NFL. He has a reputation for making quick changes in gameplay and showing signs of intelligence on the field and off it. The credit goes to him getting a degree in economics from one of the top educational spots in the world, Harvard University. He also proved his intelligence by getting 48 out of 50 for the Wonderlic score, which is the highest for any QB in the history of NFL. He has also shown his skills in solving a Rubik’s cube within 2 minutes. That’s fast!  I’m pretty sure this Harvard pass out can easily bag a good job after retiring from football.



For someone who is just starting his NFL career, his background reflects that he could turn out to be one of the smartest players to set foot on the field. The 2nd generation football player was a part of Stanford and majored in human biology. When asked what he plans to do with his life in relation to his education he stated that after retiring from football he intends to become a trauma surgeon. For someone who plays a physical sport with high chances of injuries, it’s pretty impressive that he wants to become a surgeon. Whether this 23-year-old becomes successful in NFL or not, it seems he has his whole life planned.


Alex Smith

Kansas City Chiefs’ Quarterback Alex Smith may not have a degree from the Ivy League or a record-breaking Wonderlic score, but he has always been a smart gun in football and school. Smith used his high school years in earning extra credits which allowed him to graduate with his degree in economics from the University of Utah in just two years.  Apart from that, before being drafted, he had already begun his study for a master’s degree in economics. In an interview with Sporting News, he revealed that he dreams of getting his J.D. Truly a genius!



The tight end for Baltimore Ravens, Benjamin Watson started his college life from the reputable Duke University. However, his love for football had him transferred to the University of Georgia. Watson showed his intelligence with a Wonderlic score of 48 out of 50. He is also known to have an IQ score of 170+. You surely expect this star to make excellent financial decisions as he has also mastered in finance. I don’t think he’ll ever go broke after retiring!

Athletes have a history of making wrong decisions with the money they earn and eventually going bankrupt after retiring. Do you know why? Most probably, because they never focused on their studies and becoming both intelligent in the game and life. However, the 4 NFL stars listed above are people who have shown signs of brilliance. They can surely take care of their earnings sensibly and pursue another career after retiring.

Which NFL star did you find more interesting? Which stars would you like to see added to this list? Reach out to us by sharing your comments below.

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