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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Incredible Things to Do In IPOH


Ipoh is the capital city of Perak, one of the states in Malaysia. This was once a lonely, slumbered city in the country, until Lonely Planet discovered its beauty in 2016, listing it sixth in the must-visit places in Asia. Since then, Ipoh is gaining popularity on its unique wonders- from its local food, street murals, attractions and delicacies.

Let us tackle some of the incredible things that you can do while staying in Ipoh, may it be if you plan to travel alone, with friends or family.

1. Savor some of its culinary cuisine

They say that one way to learn about a place is through its local dishes. Like other states in Malaysia, Ipoh has its distinct delicacies they are proud to have. One of this state’s best reputation is having the best white coffee in the country, so you should definitely taste Ipoh’s Old Town White Coffee. Furthermore, another must-taste in Ipoh is the Tau Fu Fah (Soy Bean Pudding with Dark Sugar Gravy).

2. Visit and explore its cave temples

More than its local cuisines, Ipoh is also known for its various cave temples. Aside from its amazing architectural structures, some of its cave temples are made to express their faith and show some of their ways to worship their gods. Some of them, moreover, showcase their art through breath-taking works of art and impressive figures that brings out the best in those cave temples. So, if you want to achieve relaxation while exploring things about Ipoh, you can start off in visiting its cave temples.

3. If you travel with your family and loved-ones, enjoy family day at D.R Seenivasagam Park

D.R Seenivasagam Park is the oldest recreational park in Ipoh. It has everything a family needs for some quality time with your loved-ones- playgrounds, football fields, playing area, bike and skating parks, and a Zen garden with a lake on the side. It is also great for family groufies.

4. Know Ipoh’s humble beginnings in Han Chin Pet Soo Museum

The exhibits displayed in this museum portrays the past lives of the people in Ipoh, especially the tin mining living. This will give you the glimpse of almost everything about Ipoh’s beginnings, including the prostitution, gambling and opium smoking that was hidden for a long time under the shadows of this state. Visiting this museum will be a way to learn more about this place.

5. Explore the murals around street towns

Another way to take a glimpse of Ipoh’s living can be seen in the various murals around the streets of this wonderful city. Most of these masterpieces, like those that are made by Ernest Zarcharevic, depict the life of Ipoh in the past, also its idiosyncratic and rich culture.

6. Visit the “haunted” Kellie’s castle

The story of this building is much like the Taj Majal of India. Two people- William Kellie and a woman named Helen fell in love and built a castle as witness of their love. But unfortunately, Helen died, then the castle halted, and Kellie also died in Portugal after.

From these romantic love story, this famous building became popular, along with its beautiful architectural structure, and ghost stories as well!

There are still many reasons why you should visit this lovely capital state of Perak, Malaysia. Its native attraction, local dishes and heritage buildings, Ipoh continues to gain attraction from everyone across the globe, waiting to be discovered.

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