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Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Down the Memory Lane, Trip to Malaysia


Gloomy and cheerful, happy and sad excited yet calm, I left the gate saying goodbye to everyone. I was absolutely clueless about how it’s like to live without siblings and parents to a place you have never been to. However; I was lucky enough to be accompanied by my grandparents. Anyways, by the time we reached the airport the emotional roller coaster was at its end. I sat in the waiting lounge; waiting for the call to enter the aircraft. I made plans about how can I make the most out of my 1 month trip to Malaysia.

The Trip to Malaysia Begins

I had no idea how am I going to bear the 6 hours long flight, but to my surprise, I didn’t feel tired at all. After landing at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), I just wanted to go out and explore the city. On the way to my aunt’s house, which is nearly at an hour’s drive from the airport I tried to capture everything in my mind as if it was my last day on Earth, I was like a free bird that had absolutely no worries. The greenery, the weather, and not to forget the cleanliness, man that seemed like heaven on Earth. Literally, it was beyond Amazingggg!

Exploring the City

Ok, so after travelling for roughly 6-7 hours we reached this artistic building, named, Capers and Oh-My-God, that was the perfect place to live, it had a gym, swimming pool, security, sky terrace, play area, sky lounge, waiting area for visitors, full glass windows in the apartments and what not, it was undoubtedly THE WHOLE SHOW. It was so captivating that if I had to live in there without having to go out and enjoy I would definitely agree to it, happily.

Enough with the “building song”, I guess let us head towards the more interesting details of this journey. I am starting with the very first event of the most memorable trip of my life. We attended an event hosted by Muaz Textiles, in tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar students, I can’t express my feelings in words when I heard the national anthem of our country across the lands and foreigners standing to honor it, seeing it made me feel proud. I felt good, not because of the people giving respect to our anthem but because the overseas Pakistanis are still a part of Pakistan wholeheartedly and they didn’t forget the most brutal attack in the history of the nation.

Every day, I repeat EVERY single day I experienced new things. I went to the famous twin tower, and I visited every place possible for me to learn about this new place. I went for shopping at different malls, I ate at various restaurants, and I really liked the Arabic cuisines there. One of the most memorable trips was the one on the cruise; it was sooooooo beautiful, the little sunlight, the wind, the clear blue water, and we enjoyed every bit of it.

The Pakistani Community there also arranged a one-dish party just to have a good time with the people of their own region, it was in a park on 25th December, and the other purpose of this party was to tell the kids about the heroics of Quaid-e-Azam. And yet again a great initiative by the Pakistani Community residing in Malaysia seems like their heart still beats for Pakistan. Coming back to the park, well lush green plants, the waterfall, and oh did I mention that I actually went to ride the swings again, to me I went to my childhood again the happy-go-lucky time.

Turning up back to the party, it was a bright sunny day, a good day for parks because you never know when it rains in Malaysia. I don’t know about the rest of the people there, but I was secretly hoping for rainfall, though I knew I couldn’t go out there because the rain is acidic.

I only wanted to see the add-up to the beauty of that place, and here we go, it started raining, it was something a nature lover could die for, honestlyyy! After the rain we all had the lunch, then the children went out to play, and there was mandatory picture session, and I, along with my cousin went to conquer the fascinating view, lol! The day ended with all the lovely memories.

The day inevitably came to an end, but the journey didn’t, the next plan was to enjoy the NEW YEARS EVE. We planned and tried to book a place called “SKY DECK”, the idea was to watch the fireworks in the open and from a high place underneath the sky. However, I guess fate didn’t want that for us. We couldn’t get the tickets, but anyhow it was NEW YEARS EVE, and we had to do something. So, we made a plan to go out and, the TWIN TOWERs; it was again! We saw people marching, with balloons and horns with them, and it looked like a tsunami of people, with waves of joy for they were welcoming the new year with new hopes for a fresh start. Nevertheless, I didn’t get to the dazzling view at the “SKY DECK”. – Maybe next year!

But what’s gone is gone, right! You can’t take it back, so forgetting it is the smart choice that we all made. I don’t know if anyone had ever wondered of imagining that what if our world goes upside down? I mean the things, the bed goes on the ceiling, and the fan comes down to the floor? Well, the owner of the place “UPSIDE DOWN” has undoubtedly thought of that, and that’s the reason we had the chance of rolling into that place. Everything was in a totally opposite position, the study lamp and table, for example, were on the roof. In short, the housetop wasn’t the housetop ANYMORE. This place is a must visit for anybody willing to go to Malaysia.

It will be unjustified if I don’t mention our visit to my cousins’ school, MAHSA INTERNATIONAL. The school is posh; it has every facility that we all watch on TVs in our daily lives. From cool classrooms to gyms and swimming pools to play areas and labs and literally everything, I wouldn’t want to go back home if I were a student there.

Have you ever heard of having a menu with “chicken dishes” in a vegetarian restaurant? I suppose not! Well, after reading this all of you would know that this unusual thing happened on our visit to GENTING. After the longgggg stopover to the Chinese Temple through glass gondola (glass chairlift), that’s a pretty long way to walk through; we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was Vegetarian but guess what? They did offer things with meat, but the meat wasn’t meat, those chicken balls were made of something with rice, now that’s innovative! OK, turning up to Genting again, I am short of words to describe the place, all I would say is Malaysia is truly blessed by nature.

It All Ends

The more days I spent there, the more I fell in love with that place. Writing this made me relive those moments again, and I feel so lucky to have had the chance of travelling to one of the most enchanting spots in the world. And I think it’s understood that I have found a few new things about me too, I learned a lot there, and as they say “Travelling is the best lesson, and no book could teach you that.”

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