Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Who Wouldn’t Want To Buy Al Capone’s House In Chicago?


On the renowned anniversary of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Al Capone’s Chicago house hit the market yet again. This dishonored criminal’s house chose to be up for sale on the same day as the 90th anniversary of this mass execution. Sounds like a planned coincidence! The massacre is dated to have taken place on the 14th of February, 1929.

Scarface, the nickname Capone had earned in his career, was known to be involved in gambling, bootlegging and prostitution, despite the prohibition periods. It was rumored that Scarface was the mastermind behind the massacre but he was cunning enough to be in Florida at the time of the mass murder.

Eventually, in 1931, Capone was arrested for avoiding tax payment. He had to serve at Alcatraz until his death in 1947.

Fox32 Chicago stated that his house was being put up for about $109,000. This brick red house is located at the south end of the Windy City. A real estate agent mentioned to the press that the last owner lost the property rights last year due to foreclosure.

As per reports, Capone’s house had been for sale in 2014, as well, with the desired amount of $225,000. This is just half of the price at which this priceless home was sold in 2009.

He had initially moved into this historical house in 1923. Presumptively, he had bought the house for $5,000 himself. It has been known that Capone used to live in the house with his sister, mother and wife.

Along with this house, his mob lifestyle allowed him to own a mansion which was put on the market for $15 million, just last year, at Miami Beach. These were just two of many houses that this gangster had owned.

The Capone family ownership ended with Capone’s mother’s death in 1952, after which the house was sold, as reported by FOX32. The prices have been roaring high since then.

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