7 Steps to Create a Winning Instagram Strategy For Your Brand

22nd November 2019
How to Market your Brand on Instagram

Business marketing has evolved so far from its conventional tactics, and with this, social media seizes the most number of seats for itself. Online social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are the tools to promote the business and their respective brands today. Have you thought of the ratio, how many business advertisements you get attracted to? The question itself has the stage set to clear the doubts. Digital influencing has gained momentum, and with it, businesses strongly need to embrace the change for their business’ betterment and brand promotion.

Instagram is at a phase where the platform possesses 400 million monthly users and whereby 80 million pictures are the daily upload target with no bar to it. This data reveals the significance that the platform carries in the present time. We have seen many posts that advertise about the interior decor materials. We come across pictures offered by leading fashion designers with an invitation to DM (direct message) and purchase one out of it through online means only. However, people have started promoting their businesses online or digitally on Instagram, but they lag in implementing an effective and efficient Instagram marketing strategy. The summary below states the seven steps to creating a winning Instagram strategy for your brand.

Determine your Objectives

The first and foremost vital step towards making any strategy win is to make crystal clear objectives. What you think you want to achieve through your Instagram marketing strategy? Should be the first question that addresses the mind. Is your goal to only get real followers or is wider? The Instagram marketing strategy should have tangibly realistic goals, that gives an effortless accomplishment. Maybe preparing a list of what all a business demands from its Instagram marketing strategy works quite well. A lifter LMS can help you to learn and manage Instagram practices better. Although the action is equal for all the objectives might vary. Decide if you want to become product-centric, content-centric, or culture-centric.

Determine your Audience

Nextly, it’s the turn to determine the right audience for landing your Instagram marketing strategy. As per the standard norms, 68% of the total Instagram users are females and that too below the age band of 30 years! It becomes therefore necessary to research whether the target audience you are focusing upon correlates with your objectives or not. It is vital for the business to also, consider what hashtags their audience uses, what locations do they walk -in, what brands interest them, and what pages they follow? Determining accurate audience is key to the successful serving of your feeds, post, and content.

Recognize Need for your Feed

Instagram feed is an integral part of the marketing strategy. If Instagram is to perform as the most prolific medium for selling the brand, its feed must be up to the mark. Before one gets into a powerful feed, it is necessary to cater to the need for the same. Think of an Instagram feed that contains product pictures and its description. It makes an extensive contribution to online shopping of the commodities. 78% of the customer community review products/services online before they make a purchase. 67% of customers consider details through an image of a product before buying the same. Thus, analyzing what feed, your customers need, could lead to exceptional results.

Content Strategy

Now it’s time to discuss the most substantial subject of creating a successful marketing strategy for Instagram that is – Content! Potentially strategizing content for your Instagram marketing is the most crucial aspect. Content is not a mere collection of words. Content needs to be short, crisp, and precise. More is the content engaging the more is the rate of converting window shoppers into potential customers. A content calendar is a good idea to plan out your content curriculum. When to post, What to post, How regular – the content to post, and similar questions can get resolved by planning the best content strategy.

Manage Posting Parameters

It becomes crucially vital to see what to post on Instagram. Here the base of determining objectives holds the ground. We need to decide that posting on Instagram’ business account is for what purpose. Is it to inform a product or to describe a service. Is it meant to convince your customers, or is it to tell a story of your business? Also, crafting captions is an essential task to keep in mind while posting. The post placed on Instagram should have an attractive caption to keep people engaged in what they look like! Make sure you post your branding guidelines at least once on your profile.

Schedule your Content

As I mentioned earlier, maintaining a content calendar is a good idea to plan out your content curriculum. There are businesses not knowing how many social profiles do they own. They are not active on such platforms, or they are not user-friendly to its usage. However, the businesses must be aware of what they post and should always track the progress. Pre-planning of content is the best way to schedule the content strategically. There is no need to follow a chronological order, but consistently posting results in more followers. Tools like Buffer can aid you in planning and scheduling content in advance.

Analyze and Evolve

Progress is the outcome of the evaluation. Without assessing the current conditions, it is impossible to make it more productive. Continuous evaluation of the Instagram strategy is essential for better outputs. What if the posts do not feed the target audience suitably. What if the content has no such broad reader’ community in comparison to what they thought off. What if the product selling purpose is not at all fulfilled for which this platform business is using. All these consequences are subject to alterations if they are not in their utmost effectiveness. The dynamic Instagram strategy could lead to desirable results. Due to frequent changes in trends on platforms like Instagram, the marketing policy should evolve accordingly.

Hence, while wrapping it up, I can say that the above-jotted steps are for the betterment of an effective Instagram strategy. Instagram insights would help us to gain metrics about its performance. All I can wish you good luck for your Instagram strategy and comment below for any help needed!

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