How to use YouTube in your social media marketing

28th January 2020
YouTube social media marketing

Keeping a presence on social media has become unavoidable for companies around the world. This is how they reach as well as engage with their customers. However, there’s going to be one more important marketing method for businesses in the future.

According to statistics, the video will account for more and more website traffic going into the future. And naturally, YouTube is at the top of the list of online video platforms. In addition, it has grown to become one of the most powerful mediums for advertising today. Putting together a well-thought-out YouTube strategy has become increasingly important for YouTube marketing.

Warning! If you’re devising plans to start marketing on YouTube this year, it is necessary for you to be savvy about it. YouTube has over 50 million content creators who are churning out videos regularly. This means that your own content has to stand out and make a bold statement.

Getting in front of the right people

Another challenge to YouTube marketing is reaching as well as engaging your core audience. The major portion of YouTube viewers isn’t massive fans of advertising which means that you’ll have to think cautiously about the manner in which you’re going to raise awareness regarding your brand while making sure that your viewers are kept entertained. This might sound intimidating however with the correct approach, it’s totally doable.

While the YouTube userbase makes up the heart and soul of all social media platforms at the moment, a subscriber on YouTube is much more important as opposed to a follower on either Facebook or Twitter. Organic Facebook followers are much more difficult to reach than they were previously. Twitter followers see a flood of tweets by the hour which makes it likely that your tweets will go unnoticed.

As opposed to any other social network, however, almost 85% of adults believe themselves to be a “regular” YouTube user. In addition, this social media platform is exceedingly easy to use as a Gmail account is all someone needs in order to create their own playlists, vote on videos, make use of the comment system or, alternatively, become a subscriber.

The ease of use in addition to the ability to create so many other social signals, makes YouTube an important aspect of any social media marketing strategy because YouTube users are going to see your latest videos, they are going to take notice of the message in the videos, and they can even assist with attracting new subscribers.

How to make interesting YouTube videos

Making videos that individuals enjoy can be challenging, especially if you are just starting out on your video-making career. Most of us like to do things at their own pace, which makes it even more vital that your video is good. If it isn’t, people won’t want to waste their time watching it.

A couple of fundamental guidelines for putting together an interesting video include:

  1. Keeping it short in length – The typical video is around four minutes long.
  2. Take hints from your competitors – Watch a few videos from other players in your industry and notice what they do as well as say.
  3. Make use of a professional marketing team – You will notice that the most widespread YouTube videos (excluding music videos) almost all highlight the uploader as the star of the video. Unless you are very personable, have the ability to look good on camera, and are energetic as well as entertaining yourself, you should probably leave the actual video production to a professional.

There are so many ways that YouTube can form part of your social media marketing. You don’t actually see the same kind of flexibility with other social networks however the tradeoff is that you certainly need to keep users engaged more as opposed to merely written content. If you make good videos, in addition, if you promote them the correct manner, you will almost certainly have a lot of success in building a YouTube following, which can end up giving you a big return on your social media budget.

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