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Sunday, July 5, 2020
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10 incredible Features Must have in your Appointment Software

Incredible Features Must have in your Appointment Software


Do you find automating scheduling tasks complicated?

Are you aware of any reason behind this?

Give us the privilege to answer this!!

Every business is dependent on the appointments, so do yours.


You might be having the best team, enough funds, and productive marketing strategies to get ample benefits.

Do you think these are enough to be successful?

Understand that- Your success is dependent on the way you are sustaining every single business element. And, above all, with every resource that you are carrying to track everything, the most significant is Time.

With the expertly drafted work schedule for every employee, your business can carry out the operations in a smooth manner. That surely will result in cost-effectiveness, acceleration in productivity, and of course, in revenue.

The best solution so far is the Appointment booking software that streamlines the scheduling process. With the best appointment software, you can easily draw and track your staff’s daily and weekly schedules.  If you need an outstanding way to schedule the appointments for your clients, then the right Appointment Scheduling Software is the word for you.

Table of Content

What Is Appointment Scheduling Software?

How Appointment booking software is different?

Automated Scheduling

Transparent and Flexible Calendar

Automated Reporting

Easy Client Booking

Automatic Text and Email Reminders

Multi-Channel Payment Integrations

Assure Customer Service

Team Zone Management

Lead management

Alert System

Concluding Remarks

It is the solution that enables the businesses and the professionals to operate the scheduling of booking and appointments in a better way. This tool is also termed as Online Appointment Scheduling Software and Appointment Booking Software. The software has emerged rapidly from the long.  Nowadays, a lot of customers like to book appointments online more. According to recent statistics, from 350,190 online bookings, 47% are made by online customers.  And, the other proportion of bookings were made by the staff.

As of now, we know that the staff and clients are using smartphones, internet connection. Therefore, saying that the usage of online booking software is going to increase is not wrong.

To be precise, the best appointment scheduling software enables the clients to book appointments to cancel and make in real-time.  The tool gives a prompt authorization to the appointment details to support the service providers and the scheduling staff. Therefore, the ease and speed of online bookings save a lot of time and promote customer service.  Consequently, by blending the online scheduling software with features like customer relationship management tool, payment discount offers, you can get more personalized customer experience and an increase in business efficiency.

Are you convinced now?

Still in doubt!!

Stay with us for more time to know the best features this appointment scheduling software holds.

Without wasting much time, let’s get started. We will be covering the below points in this article.

The best feature of appointment software is real-time automated scheduling. When some clients book with your Salon, it automatically detects it. The solution schedule or cancel the appointment according to staff availability. Undoubtedly, this feature works best for every business size. The scheduling software allows the businesses to book the appointments and schedule the follow-ups without thinking more about the overbooking slots. The staff can check the bookings after the approval.

It also streamlined the waiting list and made the cancellations and, accordingly, book at a faster pace. It, therefore, eliminates no shows and multiple bookings. Likewise, the clients book the appointments in real-time from the compatible browsers.

The Appointment booking software came out as a time-saving solution in the conventional offices as well. Those who do not encompass the staff and also do not have the customer-facing tool should go with the Online Appointment Scheduling software with user-friendly and intuitive features.

From the software, the staff can also check their calendars and find out the schedule. Appointments, meetings, or conferences, etc. can be checked out. Also, the other staff can have a glance at their colleague’s availability to secure the discussions and the meetings. It, imperatively, eradicates the need for SMS, emails, and some other means of scheduling the meetings.

From the flexible and transparent calendar, the staff can manage their schedule without juggling and cut-and-thrust communication. The calendar empowers the clients to check the individual calendar of the staff and confirm their scheduling details. It enables them the right to book the appointment and improve availability perception. It makes the clients more loyal towards the brand and, therefore, increases their satisfaction rate.

The scheduling software provides different levels of automatic report generation. It also provides an involvement with other solutions, like, enterprise software or customer relationship management (CRM). The management of the report intends to create significant metrics and data to save more of the business data, money, and effort.

When it is about data, then, re-bookings, customer retention rate, appointment details, customer demographic information, no-shows, and the cancellations plays a key role. Tracking and reporting are beneficial for promoting planning and analysis. Accessing this information is very easy; you can use the dashboard to get it. In the case of small businesses, the reports can be sent to the marketing agency or accountant in a cost-saving or timely manner.

From the Appointment scheduling software, the clients, either new or existing, can check their bookings. Because of the easy compatibility with any portable device, such as mobile phones, tablets, or the desktop, the booking can either be scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled. With the booking software, multiple booking is also possible, that is attending the clients at the same time slot. It is only probable when the staff is available to entertain more clients. It also eradicates the chances of no shows. That is if any clients cancel the booking in real-time, then instead of keeping the time slot vacant, it checks the next booking and confirms the clients concurrently. Hence, it lets you save your time and loss in terms of money.

The reminders are known to increase your bottom line by eliminating any means of time wastage, and it automatically reduces no shows. In this busy world, no one has the time to authenticate the appointments either by email or by phone. Here, appointments scheduling software comes into play. The tools send automatic emails or text to confirm the appointments. And, if your scheduling software does not have any of these elements, then it is not worth it.

Email and text marketing are significant for sustaining the client relationships- from thank you notes to the newsletter that advertises the special offers and discounts; it has covered you. It integrates the user-friendly and easily accessible custom email templates.

Securing the payments at the time of booking should be done to eliminate any chances of losses. You can charge the fees if the clients cancel the appointments abruptly without any notification.

Most of the businesses face any of the above-mentioned operations. It is advised to use the online scheduling software, which integrates reliable payment options on different platforms. Keep the payment as simple as booking from the payment options, like, Stripe, Paypal, or Authorize.Net. Customization in payment gateways is also possible when the clients do not have the mentioned methods. Practising this, the clients can pay from the scheduling software or app.

Keeping customer service intact is very important. In addition to the booking software in your business, it is also vital that your maintenance and support team should be available 24X7 to answer the client’s queries. Make them feel you value them and assure satisfaction. Also, check from time to time whether the clients are getting timely service. Also, inquire are the clients getting assistance on the phone or email?

Is live chat offering much? Keeping all these things top on the game can increase the chances of achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

The businesses that have clients or staff in distinct time zones and geographical location should choose the appointment scheduling software. It has the tendency to manage the different time zones, and it could result to be a beneficial deal for you. Despite the time zone and location, the teams can allocate the daily task and be regular in their communication. However, it is vital to schedule an overlying collaborative time to know the project timelines and to ensure the details. There are many scheduling software that allows the user to check the associates’ time zone to manage workflows and, consequently, improving efficiency.

Almost 70% of the leads do not get converted because of the inefficient manner the businesses follow. And there is a growth of 47% in the purchase as of the nurtured leads. From the online scheduling software, you can automate the lead generation from different sources, such as social media, trade shows, chats, and websites, etc.  Using the AI-oriented lead scoring, you can disperse them to the best reps and assure closing the quality leads.

From the booking software, you can check comprehensive sales activities, and the communication history to manage the leads effectively.  It transfers the recorded calls, emails and sales records to the contact timeline. This process lets you discover the information to get regular follow-ups.  Also, from the company information, historical communication, and contact details, you can recover the cold leads and convert them.

Notifying clients regarding their pending payments, appointments, the new offers, and any discount is definitely the best approach. The appointment scheduling software lets you do all that in just a click. The staff members also get notifications when there is any change in their schedule. We can say that the online booking software lets you stay accountable.

We have mentioned the features that appointments scheduling software encompasses. We hope now you are convinced to get one booking software for your business. Undoubtedly, your success is assured.

Share your views with us!!

Let us know if there will be any query related. Thanks for reading!!

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