High-End Vs Drugstore: Which Makeup Products Are Worth Spending On?

29th November 2019

When it comes to makeup, we want to make sure our money is going to the right place. I’m pretty sure that we all have heard about how high-end products totally change your face and hide your flaws like they were never there. However, are you prepared to spend your whole salary on a concealer? That’s why the high-end vs drugstore battle has become a significant topic to discuss.


If you are a beginner and on a shoe-string budget that means you most certainly can’t go out with a $1000 worth face. Can you? If someone told you that there are less pricey solutions for your makeup dreams, wouldn’t you like to hear about it? Of course, you would! Here are a few crucial reasons why you should think twice before spending your money on high-end products.

1. Formula and Quality:

We totally understand how important your face is to you and how you wouldn’t risk it for a couple of extra bucks. However, if you see the real picture here, you’ll be surprised to know how drugstores can be goldmines for healthy, affordable and not very heavy-on-skin makeup.


According to a few fashion experts like Amanda Goecke, Maybelline Great Lash mascara has just the same long lasting and light weight affect as any other mascara. Not just that, a $12 Maybelline fit me Foundation is also considered as good as a $58 Mac studio fluid fix foundation. In fact, Maybelline doesn’t dry out as quickly as mac does and it is much lighter on the face. In addition, the coverage is just the same as of Mac. With half the price and extra perks, wouldn’t you rather go for the cheaper alternative?

2. Dupes that are not Any Different

A $7 L’Oréal Voluminous Lash paradise Mascara is a dupe to a $23 Two faced Better than Sex Mascara. When the beauty geeks tested both the mascaras, they came up with the conclusion that in application, packaging and lash volume there is indeed no difference between the two mascaras. However, “Better Than Sex” is just priced three times more than L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara and that they would rather go for cheaper alternatives than throw money like water.

3. Most Reliable Brands That Produce Dupes


If you’re someone who wants satisfying and reliable products, but are on a low budget and can’t afford a $30 lipstick, don’t worry! You are not alone.

There are brands, in fact your favorite drugstore brands that totally understand your problems and have got your back. These brands specialize in making dupes for products that can be bought by every makeup diva out there. Brands like Makeup revolution, Maybelline, Loreal, Elf cosmetics, Rimmel and many more claim to use the same formula and ingredients as the original parent versions. They make promising dupes and you cannot tell the difference between them and their high-end parents.

Let’s say for example, Makeup revolution made a dupe eye shadow palette to one of urban decay’s nude palette and it was just as pigmented. However, there sure was at least a $30 price difference between them. Has your jaw dropped yet?

4. Quantity Matters

If you are going to spend your hard earned income on one particular makeup product, you would at least expect it to last long; at least for a couple of months. For instance a $8 Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Concealer, which is dupe for a $49 Tarte Shape Tape Concealer. However, both are of the same quality AND QUANTITY! They are made to last for no longer than 20 uses. Now what are you spending the extra bucks for? The brand name?

5. Beginners Should Rather Go For Drugstore Makeup

If you’ve just started fantasizing about makeup and literally have no idea how to apply, let’s say an eyeshadow or you are as new to blending out a foundation as a monkey is to driving then you certainly do not want to buy products that are very costly. You should most definitely begin with more convenient drugstore products that are low priced.

Let’s say a good drugstore foundation can both help you learn and save your money. Also, cheaper eyeshadows will save you the regret of spending unnecessary money because as a beginner you are new to the art of blending and cut creasing and you probably are just trying to copy your favorite MUAs. Are you willing to waste your money on trial and errors like that?


High-End Vs Drugstore: The Verdict

We are sure you know what you are doing and you already have a few products in mind that you will buy no matter how pricey they are because sometimes we all just want to give ourselves a royal treatment *wink* after all. It’s our face we are talking about, though! No matter what products you buy, it’s all about how you apply them and how much you know about blending because oh boy, if blending is not the key to a perfect makeup look! We really hope you spend smartly and look like a queen.


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