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Amazing Logo Design Trends that You Should Follow in 2020

Logo Design Trends


A unique essence and a compelling personality- two essential aspects of a brand.  Branding builds the face of the company for future associations with their customers to make it unique. But, It is not an independent approach.

There are several trends that every organization follows, and certainly changes with every passing year.

Branding is all about conducting your ideas and the values of your organization to the visitors or the customers. For one to understand the shape of business, attaining a logo design is mandatory.

Logo designs are omnipresent. It is the reflection of you and your business.  Connecting with the visitors while they check your logo designs is the central aspect that your brand should follow. There are many graphic companies who offer logo design services for a company, you can choose the best one.

There should be an amalgamation of skillful application, creative theory, and design skills while designing logos.  Though it is a small branding subset, the brand mark or logo should remain the focal point of the branding.

The logo designs are differentiated with the following types


Responsive logos

These can be fitted to any of the screen sizes. You can notice the full logo intended on the website corner. It sometimes can be smaller/shortened, which can be noticed while scrolling down.

Generative or Living logo

This changes constantly. It updates itself using an algorithm or the code used for the predetermined situations.

Variable logos

It is the place where the main articulates of the logo varies as per the marketing campaigns.

Importance of logo designs


Impacts our decisions

With the logo, the customers immediately make judgments and perceive a product, business, and services appropriately.  If the logo represents the types of company, services, and products it is dealing with, then we will be engaged with it actively and purchase the products and services from it.

Build a good first impression

As a business owner,  making a critical first impression is the primary thing that you should consider. You have only one chance to attract and impress customers.  And, if any case, you fail to do so, then you can lose your potential customers.  Few of the businesses follow the DIY route, with poor designs without comprehending that it can damage your brand image.

Delivers brand messages

Though the main aim of logo designs is to discover  (identity), that should also deliver your brand values and messages.  But, do not make it difficult, keep it simple.   Stick to just one principal thought.

Best logo makers

While thinking about the significance of the logo makers,  the questions that come next in our mind is about the best logo makers to go with.  Do not look for cheap, simple logo makers that can destroy your brand image, though.

Find out the best logo makers that we have researched for your convenience


Tailor brand

It assures not only for the logo design but gives the full branding package incorporating the browser-based software solution.  It is effortless to use and does not contain the logos,  but the platforms that are built with Artificial intelligence to make a unique logo for every customer.

But, to use it, one should need to pay.  It costs around $3.99/month/user, and to use the additional features, you need to upgrade it to $15.99/month/user.


As a fully-features and browser-oriented logo maker, it has the best logo design tools.    Give your brand the exceptional value with its significant machines, simplicity, and the different learning assets, which makes an excellent way for brand logo designing.

You can use it for free only if you have your own design and image elements. Otherwise, the design elements can cost around $1.


It resembles like Web 1.0  tool but differentiates with its unique and straightforward designing skills at an affordable price.  You need to pay $5 to make benefits from Logoshi.

When it signed off, it gives transparent, square, and cropped versions for your logo. In the end, you will have the vector version and bitmap of the logos integrated into just one cost.


It is a secure browser-based logo maker that permits you logo customization from the massive amount of color, icon, and templates amalgamations.

The Hatchful logo maker tests out the different logo variations and builds an equivalent logo best for your type of business. There is no hard and fast rule to use the logo generator.  It can make you expert in some minutes only.


It is one of the leading platforms from all. Create an incredible logo design with this browser-based web maker.  The best part is that you do not need to pay a single penny to use it.  These designs it integrates are compatible with every social media, like; Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitch.

Above the best logo makers are discussed that you can adopt to have the best logos for your company.   Let’s move towards the aim of this article that is to make you aware of the fantastic logo design trends that will last longer till 2020.

Best logo design trends to follow in 2020

Crisp text and shapes

From parallel to minimalist methods, the crisp shapes with precisely located text can provide a fresh appeal that can be checked as prerequisites.  The effects would be the best masterpieces that are transparent everywhere and can be seen in just a glance.

The logo designs appear, in the end, are not only minimal but are robust vivid with a geometric analogy.

 Incorporating the bright colors

It is one of the significant logo design trends, which is still on the list from the last some years — using the vibrant integration of the bright colors to make a strong statement.  But, there should not be any mismatch of the colors, so be thoughtful while selecting.

The best part is that the bright color improves and shows the emotions in the form of logos. Generally integrated with other several trends, it can make a statement and going to stay in the 2020 logo designing trends list.


Simplification or minimalist logo design trends are in trend list for many years.   The main aim is to build the look simplified, clear but certainly, expressive.  Several businesses adopt this as the best minimalist logo designs as it fits itself perfectly in the big and small screen size.

These types of trends perfectly go with every brand design and marketing material.   Using Simplification designs with the geometric logo style that one can go with.  The amalgamation of both assists the logo designers to build elegant, simple, and intellectual logos.

Minimalist typography logos

2020 will definitely find the minimalist typography logos in its list, even if it is colorful, while, or black.  The logo styles (minimalist) can be easily interpreted within minimalist typography.  The rich minimalist typography can be built with merely using letters of the brand’s name; that is, the initials of the first and the last name.  Broadly, these types of logo designs might adopt the full brand name on a few marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, billboards, etc.

Gradients in logo designs

Gradients are the regular changing and highly adopted logo design trend that will remain in the logo design trending list.  For example, remember the time when Instagram has changed the logo two years back and has astonished the world with a simple gradient.

Later, that gradient selection has become the real trendsetter and then was adopted by every other leading organization.

Responsive logos

User-friendly and functional design cannot fade away in no time.   Its popularity can be seen from its regularly growing phase.  The responsive logos are known as the perfect transition of those companies or brands that has the desire to revolutionize in their own digital space.  As a powerful and bold aspect, responsive designs can showcase your business perfectly.

Precisely, the responsive logo designs are the ones that can easily adjust to every screen size (different resolutions).  It is not a simple task to perform; you need a web designer to build the different versions for performance optimization.

Go with the trend and engage as many customers as you can to your web page. There are no chances that this trend can eradicate in 2020.

Artistic logo designs

Integrating the emotions in the project is the dream of any artist.   That can be easily fulfilled by the logo illustrations and the artistic logos.  But, before using it, you need to follow some of the protocols, like:

  • The logo should be readable in every size (Small and big)
  • The smart choice of colors to convey the emotions
  • Using the essential requirement of the brand ( using the initials, specific designs, color shades,etc.)

Substituting the illustrations

You can use the illustrations instead of words to make an effective logotype.  It could be either one word or two to the max.  But, the replacement should be meaningful and showcases the aim of your business.

Summing Up

Getting ready for 2020, so, finalizing the coming logo design trends, is significant.  Though 2019 has witnessed the best one, so,  there is a need to find the expected.  On an all, it is all about making your brand image that cannot be taken casually.

Creating a brand image is a tough task, nevertheless, but some practices that can make it shine among others are undoubtedly worth it. One good step towards success is a win-win approach.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the logo design trends to be followed in 2020.  Use this list and incorporate it into your task-to-do list.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If there is anything that we have missed, then let us know in the comment section below.  Queries and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!!

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