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Bodybuilders usually undergo intense weight training and increased calorie intake to develop their muscle fibers. The rigorous training and disciplined schedule lead to a healthy lifestyle. But do you think it is easy to gain such a body without any consequences? Well, the process of bodybuilding brings with it a package of inflammation, injuries, and fatigue.

To reduce pain and inflammation, people prefer over-the-counter painkillers, which are harmful to the kidney and other digestive organs. Various supplements are available on the market, which claims to reduce the soreness and pain, but even though they are useful in some instances, the side-effects are highly detrimental. 

In the last couple of years, in the lookout for new wellness and health products, CBD oil has come into the scene as a groundbreaking product. Research says that from reducing muscle soreness to treating cancer, it is capable of doing a lot of things.

So, is CBD beneficial? Can it help bodybuilders in any way? Let’s see.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the over 60 chemical compounds commonly known as cannabinoids detected in the cannabis plant.

The main psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis is Tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly known as THC, which induces a drugged “high”. But, unlike THC, CBD is not a psychoactive component.


Due to the absence of these psychoactive components, CBD becomes a good alternative for those who want pain relief without the hallucinatory effects of cannabis and other pharmaceutical drugs.

How do we obtain CBD oil

The oil extracted by applying pressure and heat to fine cannabis is one of the most concentrated forms available for use. The concentrate, known as rosin, is mostly found in the flowers of cannabis, known as buds coated by trichomes, having the shape of mushrooms.

The rosin present in the buttons gives anti-aging and protective properties to the plant. It also has anti-fungal properties.

Used for numerous medical and psychological issues, it is safe for use and is not addictive, unlike its counterparts.

Is CBD oil easily available?

Due to the increase in the number of people who believe in the qualities of the particular oil and constant medical research proving this oil to be harmless and effective, the ban on its usage has been repealed in many places and is readily and easily available across several platforms.

You can buy good quality products from weedsmart’s website. People who don’t like to compromise with the quality of the products that they receive should buy from such reliable stores only.

Now, how is this oil beneficial for bodybuilders? Does it help in reducing pain and inflammation? Let’s have a look.

Benefits to bodybuilders

People use CBD oil for numerous health issues like anxiety, fever, depression, pain, etc. Recent medical research proves it is also very helpful for bodybuilders too.

The physical stamina required for bodybuilding is very taxing on a person’s health. Torn muscles, inflammation, and fatigue are typical issues faced by the bodybuilders. Hence, numerous people use CBD oil to reduce the after-effects of exercising.  

Here are nine reasons why CBD oil is great for bodybuilders:

  • Reduces inflammation

Strength training induces a considerable amount of inflammation in the muscle tissues due to muscle fiber damage and is damaging to the body.

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD induce T-regulatory cells, prevents cell growth, and subdues the production of cytokine.

The reactions of CBD with the endocannabinoid system is quite effective for the treatment of inflammation.You can procure high quality CBD oil from reputed online dispensary Canada and reap all benefits.

  • Reduces joint and arthritis pain

CBD oil serves as protection for nerves. Since CB2 receptors are present in the joint tissues of arthritis patients at abnormally high levels, this oil activates the pathways of these receptors, hence reducing the inflammation present in the joints. The journal called pain conducted a study in 2017, which established that inflammation of joints and pain could be reduced by applying CBD oil in those areas and could also be an effective treatment for arthritis.

Heavy weight lifting can cause a lot of pressure on the joints, and a little amount of CBD oil can help in going a long way. It is much more helpful and healthy than over-the-counter drugs, which can cause other health issues.

  • Improves sleep

Physical pain conditions and restlessness caused due to exercise can lead to sleep deprivation. It is a traditional saying that muscles are made at the gym, but we overlook the most crucial aspect – sleep.

When we sleep, muscles relax and get more time to repair themselves. CBD oil decreases the amount of time it takes to sleep and induces deep, restful sleep. In January 2019, The Permanente Journal published a study that stated that CBD could alleviate momentary sleep deprivation and reduce anxiety.

  • Stress relief and anxiety

Many studies show that CBD relieves stress, which is common in bodybuilders due to the extreme amount of weight that they have to lift and exercise. Some bodybuilders get performance stress and social anxiety, as well. CBD exerts a calming effect and helps in keeping heart rates normal, which is essential for anyone undergoing physical exertion.

  • Lowers blood pressure

Adding this oil in the diet is effective as it possesses analgesic properties that could help in relaxing the blood vessels.

  • Lowers blood sugar level

High blood sugar level leads to an increase in protein breakdown and reduction in protein synthesis, which reduces the muscle-building process. CBD oil activates the CB1 receptors, which stimulate the production of insulin, hence keeping the blood sugar level normal. 

  • Can help decrease appetite

CBD blocks the CB1 receptors, which are accountable for inducing hunger. This leads to a reduction in appetite and a high metabolic rate leading to more calorie loss.

  • Increases metabolism and burns fat

Adequate sleep, exercise, and mental relaxation reduce white fat, which leads to most of the chronic diseases. CBD helps in the former three processes, hence inducing fat reduction. 

  • Improves digestion

It takes a lot of food for bodybuilders to develop muscle. The intake of CBD oil eases gastrointestinal swelling. It also regulates CB1 and CB2 receptors, which control stomach acid regulation. These lead to the proper digestion of food.

Final Thoughts

Regular working out is the key to a healthy lifestyle; however, it has its cons. The pain and swelling accompanied by it can be a problem. Pharmaceutical drugs may help, but it causes severe side effects.

Turning to natural treatments is a reliable option. However, when you decide to use CBD oil, always keep in mind that not all the products work equally well, and you need to know the dose that is good for you. It will be better if you visit a CBD specialist instead of self-medication. They can resolve all your queries and suggest reliable options as well.

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