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6 Magical Ways To Speed Up Your Mobile Websites!

Speed Up Your Mobile Websites!


Are you still thinking about designing a mobile friendly website? You are still planning about it? Because honestly, we are ending a decade pretty soon and all that you want right now is a website that runs on every device especially mobile. Mobile usage has surpassed the use of any other website in the recent years and a good web design company is that which knows how to meet this need!

When clients come to a designing agency, they are especially outsourcing talent in order to cut their cost while getting maximum efficiency. Thus, it is the responsibility of a best web design agency to assure that the websites they design meet the requirement of their clients, benefit their business and satisfy the need of the end customers.

This is important because a website is the prime way of connecting to people in this technology driven era and the one medium which helps us connecting to these websites is a mobile phone. Thus for a business to flourish and generate leads it is essential to have a website and more importantly one that is easily accessible on phone.

This is why we have compiled up some ways through which web designing companies and web designers can speed up mobile websites:

1) Get diagnosed by Page Speed Insights

The first way to start with is getting knowledge about your websites, a right analysis will let you know about your current working and how you can improve it? The Google Page Speed Insight is actually your easy route to identify the main areas that you need to work on. It will help you design a framework and recognize what factors you need to update in order to have a website which is up and running smoothly on phones.

2) Make sure to use image compression

Images are an integral part of any website! Would you enjoy landing on a website that is full of words? Even if it is something serious and full of technicalities an image makes a website much more appealing. However, sometimes images do make your website heavy and in such cases they stop loading on phone and in end they result in businesses losing their customers.

For this specific reason a good web development agency would make sure that the images they are using could be compressed and are mobile friendly. Otherwise, your website can take ages to load and this will definitely be good for business.

3) Use browser caching

Another exciting feature that can help web designers or especially website design companies for small business is using browser caching. You ask why? Because this technique is used by all the professionals who are in the game and this technique actually fasten up the working of websites on phone.

Now how does it work? It is actually a way browsers save up the data and information that is loaded on them the first time by websites. In short, when the data is saved up it takes lesser time to load and the next time the visitor will come on your website they will be more satisfied with the timings and result.

This technique makes customer experience good and also speeds up the functioning.

4) Reduce HTTP requests

Next big thing is the HTTP request that can slow down your website designs and designers need to keep this in count! This happens when HTML or CSS send requests again and again for loading images and other data this slows down the website and reduce the quality experience of your website design.

Hence, to get rid of this trouble you need to make sure that your content doesn’t have excess amount of data. Using heavier image is also not a good idea it is recommended to use CSS and make sure that visitors don’t have to wait for information to load. Design your website in a way that it deliver what it promises before wasting much time.

5) Is your website heavy?

This may seem like a repetition but no amount of emphasis is enough to explain that the heavier the content on website the longer it will take to load. A customer will not spend more than 5 seconds on your website let alone if it takes too longer to load the customer will barely return to your site.

Therefore, for web development company it is necessary that make sure that there website doesn’t have unnecessary stuff on it! As a designer question yourself do you really need to add that java file to the website? Then only put it. The heavier your file is the longer it will take to load and that will just ruin the whole hard work.

6) Work on the loading of the content

Last but not the least while designing the website designers and web design agencies should ensure the loading time of the content. The content which is visible to the audience first should load first that the other content otherwise, the information they need might be missing out while other irrelevant information would be present.

For example; if a person comes on the website looking for a recipe and for making it attractive the designer used infographic that isn’t loading then it was surely worth the effort. Hence, make sure the information is available. Similarly, images and content that will be first seen on your website should load before the content below.

Wrapping up

A website is full of technicalities and is also an integral part of online marketing that is why companies outsource people especially when it comes to online marketing.  Hence, a web design company, be it of any size dealing with any niche and client of any size should be aware of all the necessary technicalities and trends. This is essential because by the passage of time the competition in the designing world is increasing and for companies to be successful and make more clients it is necessary they value each trend and tips and use them to benefit their skills and working.

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