Social Media Marketing & SEO: Working Together

1st February 2021
Social Media Marketing & SEO

It’s so funny. You’ll laugh, I promise. There I was, just sitting alone for the umpteenth day in a row. Working remote has so many advantages, like not having to wear pants or interact with other humans.

But, remote work comes with some negatives, such as the complete lack of human interaction. Or the growing desire to never step away from the four walls that have become your confidants.

Still, for me, that all changed today. Here I was researching a blog on paint protection film when our social media manager for reached out. She wanted to know how we could better integrate our operations for our SEO in Toronto.

This is not the punchline.

Instead, it comes later. After we spoke about some potential ideas. After I finished the blog. And, even after I got ready to write the next blog on my list.

Can you guess what it was?

How SEO & Social Media Work Together

Toronto SEO and social media function together in ways that are both obvious and hidden. For a great SEO strategy, it is best to crosspost your blogs to your social media feeds. This helps give a great boost to visibility and some free backlinks as well.

But, that relationship is only skin deep. What are other great ways for social media and SEO in Toronto to work together?

Increasing Traffic

The juice that all Internet companies run on, site traffic is a key metric of performance for marketing and advertising businesses. However, it is also an essential measure for companies who have an in-house marketing team, as it shows what those efforts are worth and is often a primary objective.

Social media can help SEO increase traffic to blogs or landing pages by posting on the popular websites. Plus, the more social media attracts users and builds a community, the bigger the amplification becomes.

Increasing Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is key to improving both SEO and social media results. Although it is not an easy task, as anyone trying to break into the flavoured drink market can attest to. Therefore, it is essential for these two services to work together. Where social media brings up the company to a captive audience, SEO must be waiting to fill in the blanks about data, information and products in a concise and straightforward manner.

Relationship Building

We often miss half the picture when it comes to social media, namely the SOCIAL component. It’s a strange thing to observe, how we have taken platforms for meeting and sharing with our friends and family and turned them into vast advertising empires. Still, that is the way of the world, and it does afford better opportunities for connecting with talented individuals.

One of the ways that SEO and social media both benefit through cooperation is the ability to build relationships. For social media, this could mean sponsorships with influencers, content sharing and more. On the other side, SEO benefits from building a better linking portfolio, access to more opportunities for sharing or trading content, and a greater initial boost to new content or added webpages. All told, the relationship between SEO and social media may only be burgeoning at this point. But we will soon see closer ties between the two as it becomes ever more important to present a united front for successful online businesses

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