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The 10 Best Hotel Booking Sites (Updated 2020)

Hotel Booking Sites


The basis of a good rest is the place of residence – a hotel, apartment or house with a friendly host, convenient location and a high level of comfort. Travel agencies, of course, can help, but they always drive up prices and do not own such a base as booking sites. Each tourist can independently find the best place for one`s trip, be it staying in a huge hotel or a small hostel. Modern sites are divided into reservation systems (for example, Booking) and housing search services (RoomGuru), which allow you to compare prices and choose a place anywhere in the world.

We reviewed all popular sites and selected options with the best search, a detailed description of each position, a huge database and interesting offers. These companies protect the interests of their customers by checking homeowners and not forcing 100% prepayment. A successful booking of a hotel or apartment ends with a letter to the e-mail, which can be used to obtain a visa.

All 10 ranking positions have earned a place here due to the reputation of a reliable site. The choice depends on personal preferences. Someone likes a large number of filters, others prefer that the system itself selects the best versions. However, the number of positions in the databases is different, and a search on several sites is guaranteed to give the most suitable option.

BOOKING -  Best Hotel Booking Site


Booking does not require a presentation, so its appearance in the first place in the ranking is not surprising. The company operates in 230 countries and offers more than 300 million housing options. The owner uploads photos and characteristics of the room to the site then set a limit on the circle of people who can book a date. For example, he has the right to receive those guests who have already worked with Booking. Only options that match their descriptions appear to users. There are a lot of filters – in addition to the standard criteria of hotels, you can specify the budget, additional amenities, stardom, on-site entertainment, discounts, the possibility of late arrival, and this is not the whole list.

A distinctive feature of the site is the ability to pay for services upon check-in, and housing can be found 24 hours before arrival. The booking fee is not taken from users, it is often allowed to cancel the race without penalty. The site’s hotline works around the clock and protects the interests of customers at any stage of the trip. Bookmarking remembers the characteristics entered by the user, and gradually adjusts the search to his needs. Of course, even this site has its drawbacks. The rules specify that the service is not responsible for late fines and other consequences if something goes wrong.

AGODA - Hotel Booking Site


The Agoda website, which has earned its place in the top thanks to the bonus program, opens the rating of the best hotels by a search. Each client accumulates points, which are gradually exchanged for money. The most active users can fully pay for housing with accumulated bonuses. A unique function is the guarantee of the best price. If a tourist found a hotel cheaper than in Agoda, the site will return the difference in cost. The main thing is to have time to contact the company manager within 24 hours after booking. The site presents hotels in most countries of the world, but South Asia is considered the main destination – it is there that has the most discounts and the most favorable living conditions.

On the main page, there are 2 interesting categories, which are news and review. If everything is clear with the first section, the second is unique. The more time the client spends on the site, the more accurately s/he determines preferences and from them forms a list of suitable housing. Despite the interesting things, Agoda has a big disadvantage, which is about prices to be indicated without taking into account additional fees and commissions. This is written in small print under the conditions of use, but for most tourists, a sharp increase in prices will be an unpleasant surprise. 


Expedia - Best Hotel Booking Website

The system has been working for some time now and is reliable, therefore, in accordance with reviews, there are basically no mandatory prepayment troubles. However, in spite of this fact, the company is moving towards clients and is working on a development of a version of depositing funds when checking into the room. 

Expedia guarantees compensation for the difference between its cost and more favorable from competitors, and also gives a 50% coupon. But there is a catch – a lower price should be found only in American systems, and offers should match the dates of arrival and suite categories. 

Let alone this is the largest platform in the United States of such, the advantage of which is the provision of other services – the purchase of airline tickets and car rental around the world. The search for suitable options is pretty quick compared to the same Agoda. The reservation procedure is standard, in a few clicks.


  • Inexpensive and elite hotels; 
  • A printed reservation of the room is required before entering; 
  • A wide options selection; 
  • The query results exact correspondence;
  • Interesting information quick output;
  • Filters usability.


  • No interface in Russian.


Trivago - The Best Hotel Booking Site

It is an aggregator for finding the best hotels among various travel agencies. It gives out all possible options, among which you can select the most profitable for yourself. Trivago is a German company based in 2005, but do not rush to refuse to use its services or take on a translator, it also has a Russian version. There is an option of selecting suitable hotels by rating, location in the city, distance from the center, number of stars and various secondary filters – free Internet, parking, pool, which is very convenient. 

Look at the site reviews and detailed characteristics of hotels, of course, there is no way, but here are real photos of rooms, sometimes speaking louder than the most detailed descriptions. Moreover, partners provide full information, where you can complete the reservation. There are only proven services among them such as Agoda and Booking – those that are just included in our rating of hotel booking sites.


  • Quick search; 
  • Instant loading pages; 
  • Price comparison up to a penny; 
  • Use only available rooms; 
  • Conclusion of offers with discounts. 


  • Users would like to have more detailed descriptions of offers.


One Two Trip - Best Travel Site

OneTwoTrip is a profitable, reliable online travel platform. It has been working since 2011. The service is presented in the largest countries of the world, including the World Bank, Ireland, the People’s Republic of China, Spain, Kazakhstan, and Poland. It serves customers in Russia, The USA, Turkey, and Ukraine. Site information has been translated, support is provided in the local language, travel expenses are in local currencies.

The OneTwoTrip search engine helps to find the best prices for airline tickets for 800 carriers, 2,000,000 hotels worldwide, and “Flight + Hotel” train tickets. It has a convenient car rental service in 174 countries, tickets for intercity bus flights.

Simple search, advanced filters, card payments, Google Pay – 2,500,000 travelers plan trips using the site, OneTwoTrip mobile application for iPhones, smartphones. When booking rooms online, users receive trip coins (bonuses), exchange for services at the best prices. OneTwoTrip round the clock customer support service helps resolve user issues.

OneTwoTrip has compared the prices of 1,500,000 hotels in 200 countries of the world, offers to choose the most favorable prices for a specific date. Search is carried out by price, a number of stars, guest rating, location, payment methods. When booking a hotel with a green marker, guests receive a 100% guarantee – the current price is the most favorable for booking. 

When traveling, organizing trips regularly, users will be pleased to return 4% of the cost of the reservation to the OneTwoTrip bonus account when paying for their purchase online. Booking a hotel through the OneTwoTrip mobile application automatically increases the number of bonuses up to 6%. 

The option “Flight + hotel” is an additional way to save 30% of travel expenses by booking airline tickets and booking a hotel at the same time. The discount is achieved by a combination of special rates for hotels and carriers.

OneTwoTrip works with individuals, corporate clients, offers advantageous offers to agents and partners. It does not require registration when using the site. Simplifies the search, tracking prices in the selected direction to customers who subscribe to the newsletter.


Interhome - Booking Site


Interhome is a service for booking villas and apartments worldwide. It was established in 1965 in Switzerland. It has 15 branches on different continents of the planet. Interhome strives to satisfy the needs of users as much as possible. A selection of 34,000 cottages and apartments in 34 countries of the world is offered for booking online. French chalets, houses with a sauna, well-kept apartments, apartments or castles – finding a good property to your taste and a wallet is not difficult.

Intercome is engaged in booking, execution of orders transfers keys and serves the premises. The stellar base facilities are of a high standard. The company’s customers will certainly appreciate the wide range of offers, instant confirmation, and Swiss quality of service. Interhome’s offices are located in 200 resorts, the resolution of issues arising is possible with a personal appeal to the company.

Interhome offers to choose the best tourist destinations on the main page of the site using the search bar. The convenient system prompts help you quickly identify: 

  • country, city, place, object number;
  • date of arrival and departure;
  • a number of residents.

It is worth filling out several fields, and the system will issue dozens of offers for booking accommodation that meets the user’s needs. To facilitate the search and comparison of apartments will help additional site options: “Your choice”, “Recently viewed.”

Separate booking options are accompanied by high-quality photos (a place from the outside, rooms, a kitchen), detailing of the interior and amenities, as well as the territorial location of the property relative to the resort infrastructure analogs. 

Following the prompts of the system is quick and easy. Having determined the date of settlement, the section “Price Review” will appear on the portal, including a list of services provided for by the rental price, as well as a separately paid service.

Interhome cares about user convenience and does not forget to delight with interesting things. The section of special offers is updated every minute on the site, the distribution of profitable tours in a given direction, the ability to track spicy news on social networks are provided. Customer support is carried out by phone from 10-00 to 19-00. Payment for services is accepted by bank cards online.

The considered online price comparison systems are world resources covering Europe, Asia, and the whole world. The popularity of the systems is justified by additional search features such as: 

  • discount.
  • hot offers.
  • last-minute ordering.
  • and an expanded list of selection options. 

Resources differ in design performance, but are equipped with a standard set of filters: 

  • by price, location.
  • power system.
  • star rating.
  • wi-fi availability. 
  • a brief guide to using the site, help section, online consultation.


Hotellook - Hotel Website

Hotellook is a little out of the top three, which popular in Russia Aviasales (ticket sales service) is responsible for. Like RoomGuru, this site analyzes offers at various venues and displays the most advantageous offers at the top. The main purpose of the service is to find the cheapest accommodation in a good hotel. We were attracted by a convenient interface and a huge number of filters. A distinctive feature is a calendar – the days of low prices (green) and high (red) are highlighted in a separate category. The main page of the site presents the biggest discounts and popular destinations. The service does not charge users, the commission is paid by hotel owners.

Hotellook cooperates with TravelPayouts service, offering to return 4-5% of the reservation amount. This discount does not cancel the offer of the site, therefore it is here that the cheapest rooms sometimes appear. In addition, the site does not hide the name of the booking system, where he found suitable accommodation. If to speak about the disadvantages, it is the process of finding the right hotel – a filter limits the number of people, so a large company cannot occupy a room all the while. When changing the currency, the site resets all the criteria, you need to start again.


Hotels - hotel websites

Hotels got a place in the top three due to the ability to fully pay for the room before arrival, retaining the right to cancel the check-in free of charge and return all the money. This feature is important for tourists who have not yet received a visa. The booking document will be additional evidence in favor of the applicant, and if the trip fails, the site will return the amount to the bank card. Not to mention the fact that a fully paid hotel makes it to where you to carry less money with you. A unique feature of the service is a flexible discount system: 8% for bookings in the application and 10% for coupons. Recent Hotels sends regular customers an email. If the coupon is over, you can always ask for a new one, the administration is moving forward.

An interesting thing about the site is the best deals in popular cities and countries. Hotels in a separate category are allocated at the lowest prices. Hotels also had disadvantages. When booking, it is important to carefully read the conditions and uncheck the prepayment. Users complain about the write-off of the entire amount from the card immediately after choosing a number, and the site does nothing since the client himself signed up to the conditions. The support service does not respond immediately, sometimes you have to wait several hours. 


RoomGuru - Room Booking Site


Unlike the leader of the rating, which offers one price for housing, RoomGuru compares the cost on 26 sites and gives the results in ascending order. The service differs from all others in that it offers the actual cost of a hotel room and highlights the price difference. Search on the site is carried out according to the main criteria – the name of the country, region, star-rating or city. Thanks to the convenient calendar, the date of check-in and check-out are determined. When all parameters are filled in, the system will analyze the offers and give the best options. The site has a large number of additional features by which you can fine-tune your search. 

When choosing positions in the rating, we noticed that RoomGuru immediately shows the location of the hotel relative to important places in the city, for example, a station, center, and beach. This feature will help tourists who come for a couple of days to see the main attractions. The site saves the search history and in the future takes into account user preferences. The home page shows popular destinations and the number of hotels in this country/region. Despite the convenience of the service, we could find the disadvantages.  RoomGuru base is not as large as the leader of the rating, so you just will not find some hotels.


City Travel

City Travel is an online booking service for hotels around the world. It combines the functional features of the met search system, collecting the best deals and accepting payment for the selected hotel in one place. The service relieves from the necessity for users to switch to third-party resources, fill out complex combinations, and independently compose a tourist route. Everything is simple!

The unique City Travel hotel reservation system provides customers with a wide range of services:

  1. Search, book hotels through the site, a program for devices for iOS, Android. In the first case, registration is not required.
  2. The guarantee of customer registration at the hotel by an electronic voucher.
  3. Price comparison, stock search, discounts. Adding hotels of interest to your Favorites.
  4. Quick search, hotel reservation (3 … 5 minutes).
  5. Displaying browsing history, convenient search filters by price, time, star-rating, hotel rating, area, payment method, amenities. By default, the system will offer you to familiarize yourself with the recommended options (from cheap to expensive).
  6. The absence of hidden margins, commissions. Auto-fill information. Secure payments online through the 3D-Secure protocol.
  7. 24-hour user support, sending messages to e-mail, phone. Full provision of buyers with accounting documentation in Russian or English.
  8. Closed rates for registered users of the City Travel reservation system. Discounts from hotel owners.
  9. Viewing the location of the hotel on a map, informing about the nearest surroundings (within a radius of 5 km), and transport accessibility. Display prices in a convenient currency (rubles, euros, dollars – the general list includes more than 30 options).

The City Travel system has collected over 200,000 accommodation options. The ability to book the best hotels throughout the whole world. It also has many partner search programs for searching and booking hotels, which have won the trust of 749,273 webmasters. Detailed statistics, convenient tools, urgent payments without commission, landing pages to attract traffic are available to contractors.

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