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Monday, June 1, 2020
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Take Note of These 10 Steps to Unforgettable Company Outing


In the stressful and competitive world of business, you must still seek for relaxation and comfort. This is why companies must have at least an annual company outing.

It’s not easy to conduct an outing and to come up with a good one. That’s why this article chose to tackle the simple yet beneficial tips you can apply so to have a successful company outing. So, read further and get your pen and paper to jot down what you might need.

1. Set a main goal

Even though you and the whole company are going on a company outing, you better and still set the main goal. Setting a goal has no limitation or certain rules, you just have to visualise what you want to attain after the outing.

You can hope for a better bonding or relationship between you and your employees, build trust between one another, create sturdy teamwork, know each other better and deeper, or you can just simply have fun.

2. Pick a theme

In planning the outing, you better come up with a fun and amazing company outing theme. This will surely bring more joy and a huge excitement to everyone.

This doesn’t necessarily mean like choosing a dinosaur-themed or Disney-themed outing, okay? A theme means what would be the overall run-through of the outing. Is it going to be like a sports fest, simple get together, or will be having an exciting activity? You choose.  

3. Allocate a certain budget

Of course, the budget is the backbone of the outing. It wouldn’t be possible without a budget, well, anything can’t go without a budget.

This is important so it will be easier for the whole company to decide on the location and/or accommodation, transportation services, foods, props, and company shirts.

4. Decide on a perfect date

Coming up with a perfect date of the company outing is a very big plus factor to make it successful and more unforgettable. You wouldn’t want to go on an outing leaving loads of paper works on your table or leaving pending company projects, right?

So, the best way you can do is to analyse the possible dates and check the company schedule. It’s really tricky at first that’s why it requires a lot of time and trial and error to come up with the best one.

5. Choose the best location

This is one of the most difficult yet exciting parts of planning. Everyone might have different sides or suggestions of their preferred location which may cause a minor problem.

But this can be successfully done by listing down the suggested or recommended locations and do an ocular visit in each one. This will absolutely create a fair and compelling result.

6. Create a program

Creating a program can greatly add a thrill and excitement on your company outing. This program will be the one you’ll follow so the entirety of the outing will be well-organised and success will be more achievable.

You can include the flow of the outing, like for example, there would be the gathering in the morning first, then a little introduction about the main goal of the outing, and so on and so forth.

7. Check the weather

Like how you choose the location, it’s also necessary for you to check on the weather on the day you chose to go on an outing. Of course, you wouldn’t want to go out and have fun on a rainy day, right?

Checking the weather forecast to days before or the day before your chosen date is a must. It’s also advised that you choose a second choice of the date of your outing.

8. Seek for some HR services

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the entire planning session, don’t hesitate to call for your company’s HR services. HR staffs are knowledgeable enough to answer your queries or to give you a generous amount of tips before you conduct the outing.

Or you can also include them in the outing and ask them to conduct a seminar or personality development program which they are also excellent at.

9. Stop setting barriers

When you’re on an outing, disregard the designations and stop setting the barriers. Especially if you belong to the management, don’t make them feel like you’re exempted to lose on the games or exempted from heavy activities.

As a leader, you must encourage them to have fun on that day and shoo away everything that reminds them of work – and that includes them calling you “Boss” or “Ma’am/Sir”. And you know what, you’ll enjoy it more, trust me. 

10. Enjoy the moment at its utmost level

The best advice you could have and pick up on this article is to have fun and enjoy each second of the outing. Not every company has the heart to give their employees a little break from the business world, so you better live that moment to the fullest.

Take chances of bonding with your workmates, even with the people from other departments. Live like a kid, and enjoy like there’s no loads of paperwork coming up the next few days.

So, these are only 10 of the uncountable tips you can take in order to successfully conduct a company outing. You better keep these all noted and we’re so looking forward to your company outing stories!

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